Blaze Audio CBL Series

BlazeAudio CBL Series

Blaze Audio, a global provider of professional audio solutions tailored for the installed sound market, announces the Constant Beamwidth Loudspeaker (CBL) Series. With a compact form factor designed to minimize installation efforts and line-of-sight considerations, the CBL Series is comprised of two models: The CBL528 and the CBL523.

With wide 180-degree symmetrical horizontal pattern control, the CBL528 loudspeaker offers mid-high frequency gain shading, across its eight vertically arrayed 2-inch drivers, that provides a smooth and controlled 45-degree vertical pattern from 420 Hz to 18 kHz. The loudspeaker incorporates four 5-inch proprietary low-frequency drivers with tightly designed acoustic centers that minimize comb-filtering, with a frequency response down to 54 Hz. Featuring a bi-amped design for system integration with Blaze Audio amplifiers, the CBL528 makes an excellent choice for permanent installations such as sports arenas, conference centers, performing arts venues, and houses of worship.

The Blaze Audio CBL523 incorporates three vertically mounted 2-inch mid-high frequency drivers and two 5-inch low-frequency drivers, with tightly designed acoustic centers that minimize comb-filtering with a frequency response down to 71 Hz. The CBL523 provides a smooth and controlled 55-degree vertical pattern from 520 Hz to 18 kHz and includes wide 160-degree symmetrical horizontal pattern control. The CBL523 is ideally suited for front fill or under balcony applications or as a compact loudspeaker system.

BlazeAudio CBL Series opened

Hugh Sarvis, Blaze Audio’s Director of Loudspeakers, commented on the company’s CBL Series offerings, “The new CBL Series features a compact form factor that minimizes both installation efforts and line-of-sight considerations. Equally important, with its bi-amped design for system integration with Blaze amplifiers, the CBL528 makes a compelling choice for permanent installations such as performing arts venues, commercial theaters, and Houses of Worship. Further, with the two-position stand-mount and M10 rigging brackets, these loudspeakers provide considerable flexibility for placement purposes. I have every confidence that AV integrators and performing musicians will find much to like.”

George Tennet, VP of Sales and Marketing adds, ““Bringing high quality, innovative loudspeakers to our market is a natural extension to the Blaze Audio brand. Having launched our loudspeakers in the US at InfoComm in June 23, and getting great results, we are ready with Global distribution. We believe our ability to deliver consistent sound throughout the entire listening space means our partners can install systems with exceptional sound, yet with ease and with great flexibility. We cannot wait to meet the market and show what our new loudspeakers can do.” George Tennet will be present at the ISE show and will be available for interviews.