Stage Precision Service Partner Program

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Stage Precision, a software tool developer for virtual production, live events and augmented reality, has launched a new Service Partner Program to further expand its partnership network. The program offers Stage Precision’s innovative technology to official authorised service-based partners, who provide technical support, expert implementation, and insightful consulting services to customers in their market or region. Stage Precision has recently welcomed companies across the globe to the new partner network including Lux Machina, All of it Now, White Light, Extended Reality Group, Bild Studios, bright! Studios, Optic8 and Evoke Studios.

Andy Hook, Technical Solutions Director at White Light said: "We're thrilled to join Stage Precision's Service Partner Program. Their groundbreaking tools have been pivotal in pushing us forward with solution solving challenges on a broad range of AVLM projects this year. “This partnership will foster deeper integration of their cutting-edge software SP into our workflow and connect us with a vibrant community of industry innovators. Backed by Stage Precision's support and training, we look forward to achieving greater milestones together."

Stage Precision’s new partner program has been established to offer customers the very best of its user skills, integrating tools and solutions into what can sometimes be very challenging AVLM projects. The partner network is designed to continue pushing new ideas and tool development collaboratively with Stage Precision’s team, to continue the development of innovative tools that tackle real world challenges.

"We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new community-based Service Partner Program,” said Michael Geigerich, managing director at Stage Precision. “The program is designed to elevate our service partners working at the highest level delivering incredible projects and solutions, ensuring seamless integration of our cutting-edge software platform, SP. “While becoming a part of the program is in itself an exciting value-based partnership between our community and our team, we believe in recognising those partners to elevate their great work for clients to see.”

Chema Menendez, co-founder of Evoke Studios added: "At Evoke Studios, our core strength lies in fusing technical expertise with intrinsic creativity. The SP tool is always with us to integrate, fix, implement, and solve problems. This collaboration with Stage Precision as a partner will ensure we continue to have the right support to enable us to consistently deliver on both the technical and creative fronts on our projects."

To become an authorised Stage Precision Service Partner, you must:

  • Be running a customer accessible studio, volume or R&D space with Stage Precision as part of the workflow
  • Have active members of your team that have completed Stage Precision’s in-person SP Core Skills Training
  • Completed a project where SP tools have formed an integral part of your integration or project workflow
  • Submit and completed a project case study to showcase your success

Danny Firpo, technologist at All of it Now, furthered: “All of it Now has been using Stage Precision on our workflows for years, and are excited at the opportunity to formalise our relationship with Stage Precision as a Service Provider.

“Stage Precision’s tools have become an integral part of our virtual production workflows, and have been instrumental in validating tracking data and developing dynamic control systems for complex projects. We look forward to working with Stage Precision for years to come.”

“We invite potential partners to join us in this journey and be a part of a growing community of solution thinkers and practitioners,” concludes Geigerich. “With the Service Partner Program, we are taking an exciting step in fostering a community of world-class professionals focused on using our tools to revolutionise the live event, virtual production, and AV installation arenas.”