Wharfedale Pro announces new Finish

Wharfedale Pro T-SUB-AX15B

Wharfedale Pro, the British brand of professional audio solutions, has announced the introduction of its new Tough-Tone paint finish. This polyurea-based paint finish offers an advancement in loudspeaker durability and maintenance and bolsters the brand's long-held commitment to providing high-quality and reliable sound solutions.

Starting from September 2023, Wharfedale Pro’s sand-based Rhino Rock paint finish will be replaced by the ultra-resilient Tough-Tone paint finish. The decision to move to Tough-Tone paint is based on customer feedback and the fact that many users deploy Wharfedale Pro products across a range of demanding environments.

“Our new Tough-Tone paint finish has been engineered to withstand the most demanding environments,” explains Simon Godfrey, Sales Director at Wharfedale Pro. “Its exceptional durability ensures that Wharfedale Pro loudspeakers maintain their appearance and structural integrity over prolonged periods of use.”

The properties of Tough-Tone paint also allow for easy touch-ups and cleaning, ensuring that minor imperfections can be corrected, further prolonging the longevity of Wharfedale Pro’s already reliable products.

"The introduction of Tough-Tone is a significant milestone for Wharfedale Pro," continues Godfrey. "We are dedicated to consistently enhancing the quality of our products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. The decision to transition to the Tough-Tone stems directly from customer feedback."

Wharfedale Pro understands that maintaining aesthetic consistency is crucial for its customers. While Tough-Tone paint offers heightened durability, the colour matching closely resembles their classic Rhino Rock finish, ensuring a seamless transition for all users.

The rollout of the Tough-Tone finish will begin with the brand’s landmark WLA line array series (excluding the waterproof WLA-XF series) from September. Other models, including the Delta Series, EVO-X Series, Focus Series, Impact-X Series, Reason-X Series, GPL Series and the T-SUB-AX15B will receive the upgraded finish from October onwards.