Waves eMotion LV1 Session Editor

Waves L1 SessionEditor

Waves Audio, a developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, announces the eMotion LV1 Session Editor, allowing engineers to efficiently prepare for their live performances by setting up LV1 mixer sessions offline at anytime and anywhere. This software serves as an offline Session Editor for the Waves eMotion LV1 live mixer and can be downloaded for free. It provides users with a time-saving solution, by allowing you to complete your most time-intensive preparation tasks offline, before you arrive at the venue.

With the eMotion LV1 Session Editor, you have the ability to configure every aspect of the eMotion LV1 mixer session you’ll be using at your show, regardless of your location or the computer you are using. When you arrive at the venue, simply load the offline session file in your main LV1 software and all session information will be in place, so you’ll just need to connect I/Os and assign servers and controllers.

The LV1 Session Editor has the exact same interface as the main version of the LV1 software mixer, so moving a session between the two is transparent. You can save an LV1 session from the main LV1, edit it offline in the Session Editor, resave it, and reload it in the main mixer. If you already have presets, you can incorporate these into your offline session.

Now, you can configure all of the following ahead of the show, with just a laptop:

  • Assign and configure offline I/O devices and I/O control panels
  • Configure all mixer preferences, custom layers, etc.
  • Name all channels, buses, devices, and delay groups
  • Configure plugin racks; set and save plugin parameters
  • Create routing to, from, and between devices
  • Save all scenes and user-assigned keys

The Waves eMotion LV1Live Mixer is the pinnacle of the modern-day mixer, bringing pristine sound quality to any show, venue, broadcast room or streaming event. The LV1 boasts up to 64 stereo channels of unmatched audio quality, with full plugin integration and complete customizability for any workflow. Powerful and scalable, LV1 can share up to 16 I/O devices and connect to multiple DSP servers for unlimited mixing power - all with flexible control, both tactile (up to 32+2 faders) and touch-based. The LV1 Live Mixer gives you the luxury of mixing live with the massive Waves plugin catalog, offering unparalleled integration with the same award-winning tools powering GRAMMY-winning studio recordings.