Radio Active Designs Trunking Firmware Update

RAD UV 1G BaseStationBeltPacks

Radio Active Designs (RAD), the company with expertise in creating wireless solutions for challenging RF environments, has announced a new trunking firmware update for their popular Enhanced Narrow BandTM UV-1G wireless intercom.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing the new trunking feature at booth #5490 at Infocomm in Orlando,” James Stoff, CTO, explains. “This will be a game-changer for wireless intercom operators working shows of all sizes. I think they will be excited to see it in action, and I encourage everyone to stop by.”

The firmware update will allow operators to easily double or triple the number of packs per base depending on the Party Line traffic loads and needs. Using the new trunking feature, scene change, and the updated app together quickly expands the UV-1G into a more flexible and efficient low-management intercom system.

Radio Active Designs worked with Radio Design Group (Grants Pass, Oregon) to further maximize radio spectrum efficiency with trunking technology. Using this feature, all (or only a selected number) of the UV-1G base station receivers within a single or multi-base system belong to one or more pool(s) which any system belt pack can dynamically access in real-time. With low acquisition time (<5mS), the belt pack count is no longer limited by the number of receivers.

All scene change and audio matrix functions follow the belt pack as it seamlessly transitions from receiver to receiver. The duty cycle of each user determines the number of belt packs that can be used. Belt packs that require full-time operation can be assigned priority channels.

For further information on the trunking firmware update or to obtain a license, contact Radio Design Group at (541)471-1100 or visit the first website below. To check out the new features in person, visit Booth #5490 at InfoComm in Orlando.