RF Venue enhances Wireless System Builder web app

RFVenue WirelessSystemBuilderV2

RF Venue, a company with expertise in essential RF accessories for wireless audio, has released a comprehensive update to its Wireless System Builder app, a free web-based tool for designing and deploying wireless microphones and in-ear monitors. Building on the app’s popularity for specifying the best wireless equipment based on local spectrum activity at a live event or installation location in the USA, the company has now added automatic frequency coordination, spectrum scan file upload capabilities, and a workflow for users outside the USA. Wireless System Builder also recommends project-tailored RF Venue essential accessories including single-package true diversity antennas featuring patented cross polarization technology, the invisible-performance Architectural series antennas and RF Venue’s full range of antenna distribution, in-ear monitor combiners and in-line filters.   

In addition to all current wireless microphone and in-ear monitor models from Shure, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica, the company announced the addition of Audix wireless equipment to the database. “Specifying wireless systems and generating a solid list of frequencies in today’s crowded spectrum environment is a major point of friction for everyone that touches a wireless project,” commented company Chief Innovation Officer Chris Regan. “From A/V system designers, to sales reps, to end users operating the wireless system, this new Wireless System Builder release provides a tremendous amount of capabilities right from a browser, with no email signup or subscription. And unlike traditional frequency coordination programs, there is no learning curve; anyone can specify and design a robust wireless system, including frequencies, in less than a minute.”

Wireless System Builder users can also now upload industry-standard CSV scan files directly to their project for even better frequency coordination, with exclusion thresholds for avoiding interfering signals, band planning for keeping wireless mics and in-ear monitors in separate spectrum, and exporting files compatible with Shure® Wireless Workbench and Audio-Technica Wireless Manager networked control systems. The application is continuously updated with the latest FCC TV spectrum data and can also do frequency coordination with a scan file globally for international users. Wireless System Builder is available online for use 24/7, free of charge – no account, login or email signup required.