sE Electronics V2 SWITCH


The V2 SWITCH is the latest addition to the award-winning V SERIES. Like all sE stage mics, the V2 SWITCH boasts high sensitivity, superior sound quality, and high gain-before-feedback. The V2 SWITCH is a multi-purpose handheld dynamic microphone with a no-slip on/off switch. Its balanced sound character is ideal for vocals, speech, and a wide range of instruments. The supercardioid capsule design provides impressive off-axis rejection, significantly reducing stage bleed and isolating your source from unwanted background noise.

The V2 SWITCH protects against unwanted plosive pops and handling noise with an internal windscreen and integrated shockmount, providing professional sound in any environment. The V2 SWITCH has a price of $59 USD / €59 EUR and comes complete with a mic stand clip, thread adapter, and carrying pouch.