BishopSound Green Waves

BishopSound Greenwaves

BishopSound is helping rental companies looking to reduce their impact on the planet with Green Waves, the first 4,000W RMS, 2-channel solar powered amplifier. The solar powered pro audio amplifier has been created to support festival and outside event companies who want to improve their green credentials and reduce costs.

“I was approached by a professor at Essex University asking what products the events industry needs that we can design and make in Britain,” recalls BishopSound Founder, Andrew Bishop. “This got me thinking about the importance of sustainability in the events sector and how this is something where British companies are at the cutting edge. I decided that this was an area where we could make a genuine impact and started looking more deeply into new amplifier technology. After two years of research and development work in close collaboration with Aber Electronics, the Green Waves amplifier was born.”

Delivering 2 x 2,000W RMS into 4-ohms, the 2U Green Waves amplifier runs for 8-hours on a single charge but can be topped up during use with a pair of solar panels or a wind turbine to extend the use time. A 2U,10-hours solar backup power bank is also available to further lengthen the usable time for the amplifier.

“While many festivals and live events talk about their sustainable credentials, one of the uncomfortable truths is that they require a lot of power to run them, which often comes from generators,” says Andrew. “The Green Waves amplifier is the perfect product to help deliver on those sustainable aims without impacting what performers or audiences experience. As the amplifier gets its charge from solar or wind energy, the overall cost of delivering an event is also reduced, making Green Wave a solution that will benefit everyone involved in a live event.”  

The amplifier can be seen on stand R-C19 at PLASA Focus in Leeds on 9th and 10th May where the engineering team will be in attendance and happy to answer any technical questions. Made in Britain is the theme of the BishopSound booth.

Orders can be placed at the show for delivery by the end of May 2023.