Wharfedale Pro ISOLINE-AX Series

WharfedalePro ISOLINE AX series

British manufacturer of professional audio systems, Wharfedale Pro, has recently announced the launch of a new live sound solution in the form of the ISOLINE-AX series. This active column PA system promises a discrete yet punchy sound, with high adaptability in a practical, portable format. The ISOLINE-AX series consists of two brand-new models with differing subwoofer sizes and array configurations: ISOLINE-AX510 and ISOLINE-AX912. Both models are an upgrade to Wharfedale Pro’s earlier ISOLINE products, with a variety of new and innovative features.

“We were enthusiastic to take the technology we’ve developed in our larger line arrays and installed solutions and deploy them in a format that is easy to use and relevant to a wider audience,” explains Simon Godfrey, Sales Director at Wharfedale Pro. "We are also proud to say that ISOLINE-AX has been designed and engineered in the UK.”

Along with a practical form factor, consisting of an interlinking subwoofer and standing column, both models in the ISOLINE-AX series feature a mini EVO-Fold waveguide, an evolved version of the technology found inside Wharfedale Pro’s ground-breaking WLA-1 Line Array system, which launched at ISE earlier this year. Furthermore, the column itself can be rotated by +/- 15%, granting users greater control over sound coverage.

WharfedalePro ISOLINE AX rear small

With line, microphone, USB and Bluetooth inputs, the system also reduces the need for an external mixer, making it ideal for smaller events such as celebrations, conferences and fashion shows. In addition, two ISOLINE-AX arrays can be paired wirelessly using TWS technology, enabling scalability and greater sound coverage. Featuring the iconic Wharfedale Pro grille design, the new ISOLINE-AX models are a fantastic example of Wharfedale Pro style and technology.

“Practicality was a key goal for the design team,” recalls Alex Lane, Applications and Solutions Manager at Wharfedale Pro. “The R&D team were motivated to make an active system with features that make setups and break-downs easy, without compromising on the technology inside. This is a system that offers the best of both worlds, and we’re excited to see the smiles on people's faces as we roll out these new models to our customers.”