Audio-Technica Announces Compatibility with Q-SYS Plug-in

Audio Technica ATND QSYS

Audio-Technica, an innovator in transducer technology for over 60 years, announces that three of its products with Dante network outputs – the ATND971a Cardioid Condenser Network Boundary Microphone, ATND8677a Network Microphone Desk Stand and ATND8734a Network Ceiling Power Module – can now be deployed, configured, and controlled in Q-SYS Designer via a new plugin. This development brings these products into the Q-SYS Ecosystem, a cross-brand initiative that unifies and streamlines network configuration and control. In collaboration with QSC, the plugin is Q-SYS Certified, resulting in ease of setup for installers and ease of use for end users.    

The plugin can be downloaded from Q-SYS Designer’s Asset Manager, making the ATND971a, ATND8677a and ATND8734a able to be integrated and controlled within the Q-SYS ecosystem. Q-SYS Designer acts as a configuration utility with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Once a system is configured, control capabilities for these products include (but are not limited to) adjusting gain settings, muting microphones, activating phantom power, utilizing low-cut filter and triggering presets. Additionally, the ATND971a, ATND8677a and ATND8734a can be batched in numbers of up to 16 for easy grouping when settings will be the same for each device.  

“Working closely with QSC’s Alliance team, we have been able to expand our range of A-T products that work with the Q-SYS ecosystem,” stated Kurt Van Scoy, Audio-Technica U.S. Executive Director, Product Management. “In speaking with contractors and system integrators, we are keenly aware that solutions to help streamline the configuration process are always a welcome addition to their arsenal of tools. The certified plugin assures installers that they will be able to quickly and successfully deploy these devices and will also save them time on the jobsite.”

The plug-in is not compatible with earlier non-“a” versions of the ATND971, ATND8677 and ATND8734.