Accentize dxRevive Pro Version 1.2.0

Accentize dxRevive 01

Accentize announces the release of dxRevive Pro Version 1.2.0, a significant update to their flagship speech restoration plugin. This new version, based on feedback from audio professionals, introduces three innovative algorithms designed to further refine and enhance dialogue restoration, all available as a FREE update for existing dxRevive Pro licence holders. The update includes two enhanced versions of existing algorithms – Studio 3 and Natural 2 – alongside an entirely new algorithm, EQ Restore. These improvements ensure that dxRevive Pro continues to lead the market in providing high-quality speech restoration tools.

Studio 3 and Natural 2 build upon the previous Studio and Natural algorithms, offering better stability across a wider range of recordings. Users will experience more effective high-frequency noise removal and superior resynthesis of missing low frequencies. While these new versions will generally provide the best results, the older versions remain available for instances where they may be preferable. This backward compatibility ensures users can double-check and select the optimal algorithm for their specific needs using the algorithm selector window.

Accentize dxRevive 02

The new EQ Restore algorithm takes a different approach by focusing on spectral issues rather than noise or reverb removal. By applying EQ and spectral resynthesis selectively to speech components, EQ Restore preserves the natural ambience of recordings while enhancing speech quality. Unlike conventional EQ, which affects the entire signal, EQ Restore targets only the speech frequencies, leaving underlying noise or ambience unaltered.

Benjamin Graf, founder of Accentize, commented, "This new algorithm emphasises the difference between dxRevivePro and other noise reduction algorithms. An algorithm which does the EQ and resynthesis without removing ambience or reverb has been a highly requested feature and this is a thing which none of the existing products offer, as far as I know. This new release underlines our commitment to audio professionals to continue to add value to our products after purchase."

dxRevive Pro Version 1.2.0 is available for download from the product page or users' personal account pages. While the new algorithms are exclusive to the Pro version, owners of the regular dxRevive can explore upgrade options to benefit from these advancements.