Ambient Lock Upgrade Kit for QuickPole 5

Ambient LockUpgradeKit QuickPole5

There is some very good news for all boom operators. Last year, we presented the QuickPole Slim with an improved locking mechanism:

  • With just a little twist the pole locks tightly
  • Lateral movement completely prevented

The good news is that we will now also be integrating these improved locks to our regular QP5 series. The next batch is already being manufactured with these improved locks. Prices stay the same. And that's not all: Ambient are always very keen to ensure that our products are backwards compatible. From now on, Ambient will be offering a Do-It-Yourself Upgrade Kit that allows all owners of a QP5 to benefit from this engineering masterpiece. Get in touch with your local dealer or visit their webshop. The assembly is super easy and doesn't require any tools.