STAGETEC at IBC Amsterdam

Stagetec IBS2023 Stagenet v1 0

Discover the power of STAGETEC's comprehensive media system showcased at IBC Amsterdam. Explore a lineup of state-of-the-art consoles, interfaces, and processors, carefully engineered to deliver unparalleled sound quality, flexibility, and reliability.
At the heart of our system lies Stagenet, a revolutionary networking solution that seamlessly connects all media devices, enabling efficient control, monitoring, audio- and video routing. Join at the STAGETEC booth 8.A95 at IBC Amsterdam to witness the future of media systems firsthand and experience the synergy of our innovative products working together harmoniously. Stagenet's official customer release marks a new era in audio/video-over-IP control This summer, STAGETEC unveiled the first official release of Stagenet 1.0. At the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), experience the future as the entire STAGETEC booth operates audio and video connections seamlessly using Stagenet.

Together with Matrox Video, STAGETEC will have a joint demonstration featuring Stagenet 1.0 and Matrox ConvertIP DRH converters in a 1 Gb/s network environment that will show video professionals how they can overcome the complexity of IP signal management and transition to IP operations without network engineering expertise or dedicated staff to manage the network infrastructure.

In the demonstration featuring JPEG XS compressed video, Stagenet 1.0 will link all video devices over a 1G network. Visitors will see how Stagenet 1.0 enables comprehensive command over Matrox ConvertIP DRH units, which will govern video distribution across the entire stand. Beyond managing video screens, Stagenet will seamlessly integrate all audio devices by STAGETEC and Merging Technologies across the stand and will also manage Arista switches, unifying components into a single system. Through Stagenet´s highly intuitive browser-based user interface with automatic detection, attendees will be able to easily add new devices without needing any technical skills to find new signals. Stagenet prioritizes user convenience. Stagenet showcases advanced IP control and surveillance, including dynamic multicast address management of all connected devices. This is merged with conventional control capabilities, such as managing matrix crosspoints and adjusting microphone or video inputs, allowing a smooth transition from traditional systems to Audio/Video-over-IP. At IBC - using standards like AES67, SMPTE2110/IPMX and NMOS - Stagenet will interconnect multiple STAGETEC NEXUS systems over IP while ensuring users can focus on signal content, not technical complexity.

Many new features and improvements for STAGETEC's flagship audio-console AVATUS. The V1.20 software update introduces a new OS, enhancing speed and responsiveness, and brings long-awaited additions such as DAW-Control via HUI/MACKIE protocol, RDP-Client on the interface to control external devices, and a web-browser to access essential pages for AES67-Streams and internet browsing. The release also includes several GUI-Improvements, such as channel-color-coding and real-time channel "fuzzy" search throughout all menus, load library-presets through ember+, I/O black-&whitelists and many more. Experience a versatile audio mixing system, that will be fully integrated into Stagenet.

Meet NEXUS compact - the latest addition to the renowned NEXUS modular low-latency audio network family. This mobile I/O box comes equipped with 8 High-End 32-bit TrueMatch converters with 4 digital splits each, ensuring top-notch performance for all your multi-format daily recording tasks. Within the NEXUS eco-system, in addition to the TrueMatch microphone converters, it also seamlessly integrates 8 x analog line-outputs, AES3, DANTE, AES67 I/O, and GPIO’s, offering a small yet powerful solution for all your conversion and format needs. Plus, its built-in DSP- powered mixer adds a touch of brilliance, making it a trusted production partner you can rely on. For an impressive 30 years, NEXUS has been the backbone of audio distribution, and the NEXUS compact proudly continues this tradition. Embrace the future of audio networking with the exceptional capabilities of the NEXUS family.

Find out what STAGETEC can do for you and your individual application needs at booth 8.A95.