Fraunhofer IIS partners with Avid

Today, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, primary developer of the next generation, immersive and personalized MPEG-H Audio system, announced a strategic partnership with Avid® to support future MPEG-H Audio support in Pro Tools. This tighter integration will enable producers to build much more compelling, personalized, and elaborate immersive sound experiences for their audiences.

MPEG-H Audio support in Pro Tools reduces production complexity and establishes a flexible workflow to create MPEG-H Audio content for music, film, and broadcast. Pro Tools is the world’s most used and awarded audio production software for making music, movies, and TV shows. Offering integrated software, hardware, control surfaces, and storage, Pro Tools systems meet the needs of any size facility or producer to achieve their creative vision quickly and deliver memorable sonic experiences.

MPEG-H Audio enables content creators to produce immersive and personalized audio. Sound sources such as vocals, chorus, and instruments can be positioned in a three-dimensional space to perfectly match the creative and artistic intent. The object-based system even makes it possible to define personalization options during production that can then be delivered to the audience. These can range from accessibility features such as dialogue enhancement in TV broadcast to sophisticated interactive music productions. In a future release, Pro Tools will enable creators to make use of advanced features of the MPEG-H Audio System to create unique soundscapes and explore new creative options.

“We are delighted to partner with Avid to provide producers with a powerful toolset that combines the advantages of global technology leadership in post-production software with the latest Next Generation Audio technology,” says Marc Gayer, Head of Business Department and Deputy Division Director of Audio and Media Technologies at Fraunhofer IIS. “Next Generation Audio changes the way we enjoy sound, and we are excited to enable Pro Tools users to create the new experiences their audiences are looking for.”

“We are excited to be working closely with the Fraunhofer IIS team in 2023 to develop a frictionless experience when producing MPEG-H Audio content in Pro Tools,” said Francois Quereuil, Vice President, Product Management for Audio and Music Solutions, Avid. “Developing tighter support for MPEG-H Audio will expand creative options for Pro Tools users to produce compelling immersive audio experiences for diverse audiences around the globe.”