Sound Devices A20 Battery Doubler

SoundDevices A20

Sound Devices have announced the release of the A20 Battery Doubler for their best-in-class A20-Mini Digital Wireless Transmitter. The Battery Doubler seamlessly replaces A20-Mini’s existing battery door, adding room for a second rechargeable NP-BX1 battery which runs in parallel with the first NP-BX1 battery. Once installed, the Battery Doubler increases the A20-Mini’s maximum run time to 9 hours while only adding an additional 7mm of thickness to its casing – thus preserving its compact form factor. The A20 Battery Doubler is available now for a price of $150.

“We’re always looking for ways to increase the capabilities of our A20 series wireless devices,” said Sound Devices RF Applications Engineer Gary Trenda. “Given the long hours and increasingly challenging RF production environments that our customers are finding themselves in, the A20 Battery Doubler is an essential upgrade that will keep the A20-Mini running with them no matter how long the job is.”

The A20-Mini Transmitter and A20-RX Wireless Receiver are the culmination of years of research and design work from Sound Devices to create compact and versatile wireless solutions that can meet the demands of increasingly RF-heavy workloads for audio engineers across the world. The key feature of the A20 series is Sound Devices’ proprietary SpectraBand technology which offers an industry-leading worldwide tuning range of 470 MHz - 1525 MHz, state-of-the-art SAW filtering, and superior sonic and signal clarity. Initially designed with the needs of Sound Devices’ loyal customers in the film and television production spaces in mind, the A20 series is equally effective in broadcast, live event production, and house of worship use cases.

“Compact wireless devices that offer many channels and wide, usable tuning bands lend themselves to increasingly creative applications for wireless audio,” said Sound Devices CEO Matt Anderson. “As our customers continue to test the limits of what wireless technology can do, we will be right alongside them ensuring that our products continue to deliver under the toughest circumstances.”