Title Published Date
Noise Engineering announces the Sequencer Gamut Repetitor 20.06.2024
CB Electronics announce New ER-Range 11.06.2024
Knobula selects SUPERBOOTH24 to introduce Echo Cinematic 15.05.2024
Shakmat introduces 3 New Modules at Superbooth24 15.05.2024
Xaoc Devices Berlin: Compact VCO and Gateway to Leibniz Subsystem 13.05.2024
Ampersand Ampersand announces the Eurorack Module Wear & Tear 10.05.2024
Boredbrain Music introduces Xcelon DB25, TRS & IO 08.05.2024
AtoVproject releases the Eurorack Module cLFO 23.04.2024
AtoVproject releases the Eurorack Module MMx2 22.04.2024
Erica Synth releases the EDU DIY Snare Drum Kit 19.04.2024
ADDAC System & Monotrail Collaborate introduce the Random Bézier Waves 28.03.2024
Harrison Audio launches Three New 500 Series Modules 27.03.2024
Noise Engineering announces Opp Ned, a Fun and Immediate Arpeggiator 21.03.2024
NEUTRIK launches TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION Data Connectors 07.02.2024
Erica Synths introduces the Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Machine 06.02.2024
L-Acoustics und d&b audiotechnik verkünden Partnerschaft 25.01.2024
QSC L Class Line-Array Europapremiere beim Biathlon Worldcup 22.01.2024
Celestion announces PULSE XL Range of Bass Guitar Loudspeakers 22.01.2024
Noise Engineering announces New Alia Firmware Incus Iteritas 18.01.2024
Erica Synths introduces the Drum Stereo FX & DJ VCF Stereo 29.12.2023
Faselunare VEGA Firmware Release & Pre-Order Availability 18.12.2023
PMC appoints Planeta Analogico as its Argentinian Distributor 14.12.2023
Sonical & XMOS collaborate for Headphone 3.0 at CES 2024 07.12.2023
Sony bringt das Erfolgsmodell HT-S20R wieder auf den Markt 01.12.2023
AtoVproject introduces the Dual Harmonic Oscillator DHO 23.11.2023
Eventide aims High and Low with inaugural Split Essentials Plug-ins 20.11.2023
Noise Engineering announces Nive Grad, simple level shifter 16.11.2023
Coming soon: Ableton Live 12 14.11.2023
Xaoc Devices strikes back with Batumi II 06.11.2023
Gamechanger Audio releases the PLASMA Voice Synthesizer Module 02.11.2023
Modbap Modular announces availability of Osiris WavPak Volume 3 02.11.2023
Meyer Sound announces New Hires for Key Management Positions 01.11.2023
Meyer Sound präsentiert die digitale Audioplattform NADIA 31.10.2023
Zoom stellt das MS-50G+ MultiStomp vor 30.10.2023
sonible releases AI-driven smart:deess 30.10.2023
Martin Audio used for the recreation of Dark Side Of The Moon 25.10.2023
Noise Engineering debuts the swappable Oscillator Platform Alia 24.10.2023
PMC appoints Tools 4 media As Its Colombian Distributor 19.10.2023
RME veröffentlicht die bahnbrechende ADI-2 Remote 18.10.2023
Erica Synths introduces Hexinverter Mindphaser & VCNO Eurorack 13.10.2023
Qu-Bit Electronix releases the granular Mojave module 10.10.2023
bluebox Eurorack Edition: The Ultimate Mixer Meetup 09.09.2023
Martin Audio MLA still the best solution for meeting South Facing Festival’s challenges 04.09.2023
Noise Engineering announces Xer Mixa and CV expander Expando Expandi 31.08.2023
OXI Instruments introduces Coral for Eurorack 30.08.2023
Solid State Logic launch B-DYN 500 Series Module 09.08.2023
Sommer Cable stellt die CAT.6a Patchkabel S/FTP Proflex-Serie vor 25.07.2023
Noise Engineering releases Univer Inter 22.06.2023
Big Stuff: A New Free Plugin From Nembrini 21.06.2023
Squarp Instruments introduces the Sequencer HERMOD+ 20.06.2023