Noise Engineering Tymp Legio and Polydactyl Versio

NoiseEngineering Tymp Legio

Noise Engineering announces two new modules: Tymp Legio for the 6hp Legio platform and Polydactyl Versio for the 10hp Versio platform.

Tymp Legio

Tymp Legio is inspired by the Noise Engineering team's love of all types of bang/crash/kick/boom sounds. This is not your normal drum-kit module with samples or simple emulations, though. Instead, they took the challenge of a small percussion module as an opportunity to fit the drums they wanted quick access to in 6hp. “We really wanted the module to showcase our sense of playfulness. We don’t take ourselves very seriously here and we had so much fun designing this module. We wanted the panel to reflect this,” said Markus Cancilla, Chief of Destruction. Tymp Legio has three modes - labeled Boot, Cat, Boing - each an onomatopoetic reference to the sounds it makes. The Tang switch offers variations within a mode. If you want to duck other signals in your patch to your percussion, run your audio into the stereo Quack input. Tymp Legio’s simple interface puts a massive tonal and textural range under your control.

Availability and pricing: Preorders open now. In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting August 25, 2022; Price: US$279

Notable features: Tymp Legio

  • 6 HP
  • Stereo percussion
  • That’s not a kick but it’s kickin’ my butt
  • Release the quack in: Stereo ducking
  • Intuitive controls but powerful sound
  • Platform: many modules for the price of one
Polydactyl Versio

NoiseEngineering Polydactyl Versio

Polydactyl Versio is Noise Engineering's take on a stereo multiband dynamics processor. Equally at home on single-instrument timbral processing and on end-of-chain gloss and mix cohesion, Polydactyl Versio is sure to be love-at-first-patch for anyone looking to zest up their mix. Polydactyl applies a unique and transparent algorithm across three adjustable bands for maximal dynamic impact. If transparent doesn’t suit your needs, add in some multiband saturation. Polydactyl also features a noise gate and limiting capabilities; this is a processor that gives ultimate control of color and dynamics in just 10hp.

Asked about the history of the module, Chief Noisemaker Stephen McCaul said, “We’ve wanted to make a multiband compressor forever, but never had confluence of hardware components to do it. For so long, it was just another idea that languished on our very long list of “someday” modules; we’re really excited that we can finally make it happen. Polydactyl builds on a lot of Noise Engineering products that came before it.”

Availability and pricing: Preorders open now. In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting August 25, 2022; Price: US$355.

Notable features:

  • 10 HP
  • Three-band stereo dynamics processing
  • Optional saturation
  • Limiting
  • Noise gating
  • Platform: many modules for the price of one

Both modules are part of Noise Engineering’s platform concept: Tymp on the 6hp Legio platform and Polydactyl on the 10hp Versio platform. Owners of a platform module can swap between firmwares, completely free, at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. The new firmwares will be available when the modules are shipping on August 25, 2022 so current platform owners will get to try them out at the same time. Both platforms are also built on the ElectroSmith Seed and open-source support is available through LibDaisy for customers interested in creating their own firmwares.