Electronic Drums

Title Published Date
Klevgrand adds Jazz-Kit to One-Shot 29.05.2024
Erica Synth releases the EDU DIY Snare Drum Kit 19.04.2024
Klevgrand releases OneShot for Next-level Drum Realism 22.02.2024
NEUTRIK launches TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION Data Connectors 07.02.2024
Erica Synths introduces the Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Machine 06.02.2024
QSC L Class Line-Array Europapremiere beim Biathlon Worldcup 22.01.2024
Yamaha introduces the SEQTRAK 16.01.2024
Yamaha stellt den SEQTRAK vor 16.01.2024
DW launches New Expansion Pack for DW Soundworks 15.01.2024
Erica Synths introduces the Drum Stereo FX & DJ VCF Stereo 29.12.2023
Baby Audio announces the free Plug-In Beat Slammer 21.12.2023
Faselunare VEGA Firmware Release & Pre-Order Availability 18.12.2023
Solid State Logic introduces the PlateVerb Plug-in 12.12.2023
Celestion presents Interview with Brian Weafer 12.12.2023
Foleysoft releases Foleysoft Footsteps Sample Library 31.10.2023
Bogren Digital launches Free Drum Instrument: Krimh Drums Free 17.10.2023
BFD announces BFD Player 10.10.2023
Roland präsentiert große Feature-Updates für TR-8S & TR-6S 12.09.2023
Mixland releases New Plugin: SUBLOOM 06.09.2023
Yamaha introduces FGDP-50 and FGDP-30: Finger Drumming made Easy 05.09.2023
Yamaha FGDP-50 und FGDP-30 machen Finger-Drumming einfach 05.09.2023
Arturia releases Acid V: Corrosive Bassline Machine 22.08.2023
Sonnet kündigt PCI Express 4.0-Adapterkarte M.2 8x4 Silent Gen4 an 16.08.2023
EFNOTE PRO: The Masterclass of Electronic Drums 13.06.2023
Roland presents the new ZENOLOGY Pro v2 22.03.2023
Roland präsentiert ZENOLOGY Pro v2 22.03.2023
New Italian Electro-Voice and Dynacord distributor 16.02.2023
Modbap Trinity - Percussion/Drum-Synthesizer Eurorack-Modul 14.02.2023
Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 achieves certification for Tencent Meeting 24.01.2023
IK Multimedia Announces T-RackS The Farm Stone Room and Compatibility with Apple Silicon 01.12.2022
Erica Synths LXR Drum Eurorack-Modul 22.11.2022
Neue Workflows und Möglichkeiten: Pro Tools integriert Melodyne via ARA 29.09.2022
MOTU Digital Performer now with ARA 21.09.2022
IK Multimedia releases MODO DRUM 1.5 24.02.2022