CB Electronics ER-Range

CB ER Range

CB Electronics, specialists in studio monitor controllers, digitally controlled analog patchbays, timecode equipment and remotes, has announced a range of EuroRack modules based on their studio products controlled by a single ER-Processor module. These clever devices let the user route their synths' audio and CV signals to their heart's content, without manually re-patching a thing. Offering all the convenience of digital control and recall, without any A-D/D-A converters. No digital processing. All audio remains analogue right through the signal path. Furthermore, the units are ultra-clean and whisper quiet adding no unwanted coloration or distortion. Just great sound. Based on CB's rackmount XPatch range, which has proved popular in recording studios around the world, this new range has been designed with synth users in mind.

It comprises three modules:

  • ER-Processor: 'The Brain' can talk to up to 16 modules with 127 snapshots
  • ER-Patch 16/32: Crosspoint matrix router, 16x16 or 32x32 for Audio, CV or Gates
  • ER-Gain+Sum: Eight channel Gain Control for Audio or CV

All in Eurorack format, you can integrate these modules right into your existing setup. The processor module provides computer interface via USB Midi and Ethernet, Midi Snapshot automation, Serial (5pin DIN) Midi interface to Midi foot Switch or Keyboards. A Trigger Section with eight 3.5mm Jacks and Switches which may be used as control or Record and Playback Trigger or Gate signals via Midi. The processor includes a 128 snapshot store which holds the parameters for up to 16 modules. All functions may be controlled using the color TFT display and encoder or from the XPatch5 Win/Mac program.

The Patch module provides a 16x16 crosspoint matrix. DC Coupled so that Audio, Control Voltage, or even Trigger or Gate signals may be routed. Two ER-Patch Modules with Expansion boards can be combined to make a single 32x32 crosspoint Matrix. The 8 channel Gain module is also DC coupled and can control both audio and Control Voltage Signals. A Sum output allows any combination of inputs to be summed after the gain control. Three master groups allow any combination of channels to be controlled. New version of XPatch4 to include the ER range of modules with existing XPatch systems. Matrix and Path control for up to 4 ER-Patch 16/32modules, Gain Control for up to 4 ER-Gain Modules, and ER Snapshot Control.

Features of the ER-Processor at a glance:

  • USB Midi for Computer Control or DAW Interface
  • Ethernet for Computer Control and RTPmidi
  • Control of up to 16 modules
  • 3.5mm Jack Serial Midi in and out for Keyboard or Midi Foot Switch
  • 1.8" Color TFT Display, Configuration and Control of modules
  • Encoder with Push Switch, Configuration and Control
  • Home Switch - Return to Home Menu
  • Snapshot Automation (128 point)
  • Interfaces with XPatch5 Windows/Mac program
  • A select switch on Modules for immediate control

Processor Trigger Section

  • Eight Trigger Input/Outputs on 3.5mm Jacks
  • Configure as Active Low for simple footswitch
  • Eight Switches
  • Functions include Trigger, Gate, Snapshot Control, Macro Keys
  • Record to and Playback from USB, RTPmidi or Serial Midi

ER-Patch 16/32

  • 16x16 CrossPoint matrix with buffered outputs
  • DC Coupled – Route Audio, DC Control, Gate, Trigger
  • Combine Two ER-Patch modules with Expanders to make a 32x32 Matrix
  • One to Many, can also be used for Active Multing
  • Select Switch for immediate access


  • 8 Channels of Gain Control
  • Sum output, any combination of inputs
  • Individual select Switch for each channel
  • Channel Mute
  • Gain Control range -96 to +22dB
  • Resolution 0.25dB, 0.5dB or 1 dB
  • Three Master Groups with Mute and Gain

XPatch5 (Win/Mac)

  • Builds on Existing XPatch4 software
  • Matrix and Path control for up to 4 ER-Patch 16/32
  • Gain Control for up to 4 ER-Gain Modules
  • ER Snapshot Control
  • Name the Inputs and outputs
  • Split Screen view of XPatch and Eurorack Paths


  • ER-Processor - £300
  • ER-Gain+Sum - £240
  • ER-Patch16 - £300
  • ER-Patch32 - £900

Early Adopters 20% Discount Prices Ends: 31st July 2024

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  • ER-Processor - £240
  • ER-Gain+Sum - £192
  • ER-Patch16 - £240
  • ER-Patch32 - £720