Erica Synth EDU DIY Snare Drum

EricaSynth EDU DIY Snare Drum

No drum machine is really complete without a punchy, snappy Snare Drum. Together with the Kick, it creates the rhythmic backbone for most grooves. So for their percussion-focused second season of educational DIY kits, we knew we had to come up with a Snare circuit that would complement the Kick and Hi-Hat we’ve already released. After a lot of fine tuning, here’s what Erica Synth and Moritz Klein came up with: introducing mki x DIY Snare Drum.


  • Manual and CV controlled Tune
  • Tune CV depth attenuator
  • Manual Attack and Decay control
  • Manual and CV Snappy (noise and tone crossfade) control
  • Accent input

Erica Synths and Moritz Klein have developed a series of educational DIY kits under the brand name mki x es.EDU with one specific goal in mind: to teach people with little-to-no prior experience how to design analog synthesizer circuits from scratch. What you’ll find in the box is not simply meant to be soldered together and then disappear in your rack. Instead, they want to take you through the circuit design process step by step, explaining every choice they’ve made and how it impacts the finished module.

All kits in these series are simple and come with extensive user manuals which can be downloaded separately, therefore Erica Synths will not provide customer support in case your DIY build fails to function or similar.