Noise Engineering Opp Ned

NoiseEng Opp Ned Black

Modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering, known for their unique Eurorack and software instruments, has announced a new arpeggiator and sequencing utility: Opp Ned. Noise Engineering’s expansive product line includes many sequencers, mostly focussed on generative rhythm generation and randomization. Opp Ned is a new style of sequencing for the company, allowing the user to define 12 different arpeggios (or use a number of creative presets right out of the box), CV between them, and advance four different outputs individually. There are switches for playback pattern, direction, and octave range, and a clever note display for viewing the current arpeggio and editing patterns.

According to Noise Engineering, Opp Ned was designed to make a common synthesis task easy. Arpeggiators are found regularly in fixed-architecture keyboard synthesizers, but arpeggiators in Eurorack are few and far between. Opp Ned’s interface and controls were designed to make arpeggiation quick and fun, while also offering enough flexibility to generate some very interesting results.

Opp Ned lends itself to a number of different patching styles. The only necessity for creating arpeggios is a clock signal, but all of its parameters are CV controllable, so arpeggios can be modified on the fly with external modulation sources. It also features a pitch-accurate transpose input that can be used to modulate the four outputs with another sequencer for deep integration in more complex patches.

Opp Ned is a cheerful sequencing utility that works well for adding melodic elements to patches, as well as experimentation with more technical chord-based patching. Opp Ned is available in both black and silver, and is available now at the website below and at retailers globally.


  • Arpeggiator with four outputs
  • Save and edit up to 12 different arpeggios
  • Swap between arpeggio patterns with CV
  • Fully CV-controlled interface
  • Simple controls make pitch sequencing easy
  • External transpose input for integration with other sequencers

Opp Ned: In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting March 21st, 2024; the price is US$347.