ISOVOX Go Vocal Booth

ISOVOX GoVocalBooth

Having made its mark in the previously pedestrian world of pop filters with its ISOPOPTM Premium model making users sound and look better, award-winning innovative company ISOVOX introduces the ISOPOPTM BroadCast - billed as being a premium pop filter to take audio and visuals to the next level, duly designed in Scandinavia specifically for front-address microphones to transform podcast and broadcast productions into a professional spectacle with enhanced visibility and exceptional sound quality - as of February 28…

Innovating ISOVOX’s Scandinavian minimalist design ethic ensures that ISOPOPTM BroadCast allows a clear line of sight, so users can connect effortlessly with their audience - say adjo¨ (goodbye) to conventional, face-obscuring pop filters, in other words! With this in mind, ISOPOPTM BroadCast tackles the troublesome issue head-on, providing a solution that ensures recordings remain as clear as they are captivating. It is fair to say that though podcast and broadcast microphones can claim to have built-in pop filters, they often fall short of the mark when put to the test, with pops disrupting even the most renowned shows.

Saying that, then, ISOPOPTM BroadCast comes complete with both a Neutral Pro Filter - perfect for those that prioritize an ultra- transparent sound while wishing to effortlessly remove pops, and also a De-Ess Pro Filter - a game-changer for microphones with harsh treble or sibilance, softening the sound for a smoother listening experience. It is worth noting here that those filters are interchangeable and also cleanable, ensuring hygiene and longevity.

ISOVOX’s ISOPOPTM BroadCast is meticulously crafted to work seamlessly with front-address microphones, and already verified to be compatible with a sizeable number of popular models, including Shure’s SM7B (dynamic vocal microphone); Shure’s SM7dB (dynamic vocal microphone with built-in preamp); Shure’s MV7 (podcast microphone); Sennheiser’s MKH 416 (shotgun microphone); Electro-Voice’s RE20 (dynamic cardioid microphone); RØDE’s PodMic (broadcast-grade dynamic microphone); RØDE’s ProCaster (broadcast-grade dynamic microphone); Universal Audio’s SD-1 (standard dynamic microphone); AEA’s KU5A (ribbon microphone); and PreSonus’ PD-70 (broadcast dynamic microphone). Minimum and maximum microphone-accommodating diameter is 1.9 - 6 cm/0.75 - 2.36”, so any similarly-styled handheld microphone meeting those technical specifications - such as Shure’s SM58 (dynamic vocal microphone); Shure’s BETA 58A (dynamic vocal microphone); Shure’s SM57 (dynamic instrument microphone); and more - can be comfortably accommodated. And remaining, briefly, on the subject of technical specifications, the ISOPOPTMBroadCast itself is 7 x 10 cm/2.76 x 3.94”, while weighing in at 34g/0.075 lb/1.2 oz.

Clearly combining functionality with aesthetics, anyone buying into the innovative ISOPOPTM BroadCast concept can be assured of upgrading their experience as a result of ISOVOX’s Scandinavian minimalist design ethic effectively redefining the standard for exceptional podcast and broadcast audio and visual quality.

ISOPOPTM BroadCast is available to purchase - in Midnight (black) and Silver color choices - with a price of €89.00 EUR/$99.00 USD via ISOVOX’s growing global network of dealers and distributors or directly from ISOVOX itself.