Faselunare VEGA Firmware Release & Pre-Orders

Faselunare Vega

Introducing VEGA, the 4 Voices digital Drum Module in Eurorack Format, occupying just 6HP of your precious rack space. Designed by Faselunare, VEGA is a versatile drum module that addresses the need for compact yet powerful drum synthesis and sample playback capabilities.

VEGA's four voices are a testament to its flexibility. They can either work with one-shot, 4-second-long mono samples, enabling you to import and trigger your own audio snippets for a truly personalized sound palette. Alternatively, these voices can dive into the world of synthesis, thanks to the ingenious DSP technology developed by Stefano D'Angelo of Orastron. These three cutting-edge DSP engines unlock a realm of sonic possibilities, allowing you to craft unique drum sounds that suit your music production needs.

In the world of Eurorack modular synthesis, where space is a premium, VEGA stands out by delivering a rich and diverse array of drum sounds in an ultra-compact 6HP module. Say goodbye to cluttered setups and hello to a streamlined, versatile drum solution with VEGA. Whether you're looking for crisp, sample-based drum hits or the creative freedom of DSP-based synthesis, VEGA empowers you to explore and experiment within the confines of your Eurorack system. It's time to fill the gap in the drum sound fields with VEGA from Faselunare, a game-changer for your modular adventures.

What's New:

  • Total Rewrite: The firmware has undergone a complete overhaul for enhanced performance and stability.
  • Improved UI: Enjoy a more user-friendly experience with upgraded interface features.
  • Cutting-Edge DSP: Faselunare introduce new DSP developments crafted by Stefano D'Angelo of Orastron. These advancements bring an unprecedented level of audio quality and innovation to the Vega.