Sonical & XMOS collaborate for Headphone 3.0

At CES, Las Vegas, 2024 Sonical, the company pioneering the principles of Headphone 3.0, and XMOS, a deep tech semiconductor company at the leading edge of the intelligent IoT are proudly announcing a joint development. The outcome of this collaboration will result in a quantum shift in wireless audio quality and put the feature set of wearable audio devices in the hands of the consumer.

The joint development focusses on a wireless dongle which will enable Hi Res (24/96), uncompressed Linear audio stream to stream wirelessly from a PC to a headset (or other playback device). The wireless technology can be low power Bluetooth enabled (BLE) or ultra-wideband (UWB). With UWB, in addition to precise reproduction of High Resolution audio at 24 Bit, 96 sampling Frequency, the technology will also support latencies under 5 milliseconds. These performance figures render the solution capable of addressing the very demanding Musical Instrument (MI) and Live Performance markets.

Gary Spittle, CEO Sonical states that "The platform unlocks a wide range of new product experiences using a low latency wireless connection for premium audio devices. The DSP is a critical component as it makes products a lot more than "wireless DACs". By making the device "Appable" through downloadable plugins, we have enabled limitless possibilities."

Prior to the advent of Headphone 2.0, wireless devices were hard configured at point of manufacture and severely limited (primarily due to Bluetooth Classic) in terms of latency and audio quality. The high-profile joint development between Sonical and XMOS breaks down these barriers to ensure a superior user experience for the device owners and simultaneously opens up previously unattainable markets.

Aneet Chopra, EVP Marketing & Product Management at XMOS states "We are delighted to be working with Sonical on the development of their wireless (UWB/BLE) dongle. This will usher the next generation of audio experiences and use cases for various devices including headsets. The device benefits from the low latency multiple threads available with our platform, simplifying the integration of critical DSP functions with predictable hard real time execution. This is great for audio platforms like Sonical. We look forward to the roll-out of this innovative solution and seeing the broad range of subsequent applications." Early demonstrations can be arranged at CES in Las Vegas 9th – 12th at The Venetian.