Modbap Modular Osiris WavPak Volume 3

ModbapModular OsirisWavPakVolume3

Modbap Modular announces the availability of Osiris WavPak Volume 3 - carefully crafted by Learning Modular’s Chris Meyer to integrate seamlessly with the black-owned electronic music instrument manufacturer’s own Osiris BI-FIDELITY WAVETABLE OSC (originally introduced to a captive audience at Knobcon Number Nine, Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, IL, USA, September 10-12, 2021), providing four banks of all-new custom 32 x 32 wavetables which have been meticulously curated and designed to expand anyone’s approach to wavetable synthesis using its Eurorack module namesake - as of November 2…

As the owner of Learning Modular, an online resource to help anyone master their modular synthesizer, Chris Meyer is perfectly positioned to help expand anyone’s approach to wavetable synthesis using Modbap Modular’s Osiris, operating powerfully in and of itself as a (frequency modulation- and phase modulation-including) seven-plus TIMBRE MODE 12HP BI-FIDELITYTM WAVETABLE OSC (oscillator) module, neatly-packed with an independent sub-oscillator, LOFI processing, extensive CV (control voltage) modulation capabilities, a PITCH quantiser, four banks of 32 x 32 wavetables, the ability to load user wavetables via Micro SD card (not included), and its own free open-source wavetable editor (OsirisEdit). After all, Chris Meyer is the talented individual responsible for creating the-then-trailblazing Vector Synthesis technology behind the 1986-vintage Prophet VS DIGITAL VECTOR SYNTHESIZER, supposedly intended to revive the flagging fortunes of US synth ‘giant’ Sequential for whom he worked in an engineering role. Subsequent stints at Digidesign, Music Maker Publications, and Tom Oberheim’s Marion Systems soon ensued, before becoming the Chief Engineer at the now-defunct Roland R&D US while serving also as Technical Chairman of the MIDI Manufacturer’s Association. A transition into the video and film industries followed thereafter as his storied career continued, coming full circle to ultimately end up where he originally started - playing with modular synthesizers.

Duly derived from Chris Meyer’s sizeable studio modular synthesizer - affectionately called The Monster, the four banks of all-new custom 32 x 32 wavetables included in Osiris WavPak Volume 3 are a result of undergoing a meticulous sampling process drawing upon the talents of one of the industry’s leading experts to offer Osiris owners a wide range of timbral possibilities catering to different sonic aesthetics: BANK A - otherwise known as the ‘East Coast’ bank - features wavetables that have been carefully crafted as a result of working with Livewire Electronics AFG’s Animated Pulses and Alien Saws waveforms, as well as Serge-filtered waveforms, using techniques such as audio rate waveform crossfading to offer a diverse palette of sounds, ranging from smooth and evolving textures to aggressive and cutting tones; BANK B - the ‘West Coast’ bank - incorporates techniques like Serge rectification, wave folding, and Serge resonant EQ, the resultinwavetables providing a more experimental and abstract sonic experience suited to those interested in pushing the boundaries of sound design and diving into harmonious tones and textures; BANK C - Formants - focuses on different vowel sounds with a sound design approach anchored around both digital and analogue formant filters for creating expressive vocal-like textures and tones that are ideal for adding a human touch to compositions or exploring more abstract and otherworldly sounds; and BANK D - Harmonics - utilises tube overdrive, filter banks inspired by both Buchla and Moog stylings, as well as featuring analogue and digital additive oscillators.

On the face of it, then, the results are all a testament to the expert craftsmanship involved in ensuring the highest-quality sound production possible. Put it this way: Osiris WavPak Volume 3’s four sound banks were sampled at 96kHz, perfectly aligning with the Osiris BI-FIDELITY WAVETABLE OSC module’s unique, high-quality 96kHz sample rate operation. Ultimately, users can enjoy pristine audio clarity, enabling exploration of full depth sonic landscapes.

Lending themselves a knowing nod in the direction of Chris Meyer’s trailblazing achievements, the X-axis in all the banks contain different waveforms, while the Y-axis introduces different harmonics for each X-wave; the harmonic series used in Osiris WavPak Volume 3 are: H1 (root up), H2 (one octave up), H3 (one octave, plus perfect fifth), H4 (two octaves up), H5 (two octaves, plus major third), H6 (two octaves, plus perfect fifth), and H8 (three octaves up). It is worth noting that in some cases - especially the filter banks, formant filters, and resonant EQ - the waveform also changes with ‘harmonic’ on the Y-axis, allowing for sculpting and refining patches with extraordinary detail thanks to this precise control over harmonic content. Modbap Modular encourages experimentation with different modulation sources patched to its Osiris BI-FIDELITY WAVETABLE OSC module’s WAVE Y to further enhance sonic explorations with the texture-rich Osiris WavPak Volume 3 - think velocity/accent from a sequencer or keyboard, a mod wheel, aftertouch, ribbon controller, or even a sample & hold triggered on each new note to create dynamic and evolving timbres that respond to playing style.

Osiris WavPak Volume 3 is available for free as a digital download exclusively from Modbap Modular’s online Shop.