Arturia PolyBrute Firmware 3.0

Arturia PolyBrute

This is PolyBrute: a polysynth that fuses massive expressivity with the raw energy of analog, morphing between multiple sonic states within presets, and putting unprecedented sound sculpting & patching power at your fingertips. Now, explore new heights of Polyphonic sound with an array of embellishments, experimental features, and creative upgrades for PolyBrute, available for free.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Introducing Distortion: Go even further with coloration and sound-sculpting with PolyBrute’s new Distortion category, featuring 7 types of crunch to add to its vibrant list of modulation, delay, and reverb effects. The 7 modes are: Subtle Tape, Classic Distortion, Soft Clip, Worn Out Tape, Germanium, BitCrusher, and DownSample.
  • Flexible effects routing: Dig deeper into PolyBrute’s signal chain and rewire its effects to suit your sound design flow; both the Insert and Send modes can now be adjusted in terms of order.
  • Enhanced tuning: A wider range of tuning options lets you adjust PolyBrute’s musical role in your projects, from tuning individual oscillators more deeply to transposing the keyboard to suit a particular track or style.
  • New Stereo Layer mode: Allocate one voice to the left channel and one to the right to add increased natural width to PolyBrute’s sounds.
  • Over 350 new presets: PolyBrute’s library has been totally reworked with new & enhanced presets that emphasize its expressivity, analog power, and new features like Distortion and Stereo Layer mode.
  • PolyBrute Connect: Communication between PolyBrute and its software counterpart is now quicker, smoother, and more intuitive, also accommodating other new features from firmware 3.0.
  • Workflow & expression improvements: Numerous fixes and much-requested additions to PolyBrute’s feature set, from reloading your last saved preset on startup to more features & parameters displayed on-screen in real-time.