Mixed In Key Captain Plugins Epic 7

MixedInKey CaptainPluginsEpic7

Mixed In Key, the developer of award-winning plugins for music producers, announces the release of Captain Plugins Epic 7. With an upgrade to their renowned software suite, crafting your own melodies, chord progressions, and bass lines has never been more intuitive. This updated version unlocks new possibilities for your music, all 100% royalty free.

Developed in response to current user community feedback, the Captain Plugins Epic 7 upgrade includes the most requested features from thousands of our users who sent in ideas and suggestions. This has resulted in the most powerful and user-friendly version of Captain Plugins Suite. The Captain Plugins Epic 7 suite - which has been actively improved upon for 11 years - boasts five great plugins, seven innovative patents, and is critically acclaimed by the world's best producers, who praise its ability to inspire creativity and streamline the songwriting process.

Key Enhancements

  • Song Tabs Reinvented: Song tabs are back in Captain Plugins Epic 7 with new customization options to give greater control over your arrangements and provide a faster workflow.
  • Humanize Your Rhythms: With updated Humanize controls, you can now add a unique touch to your chords and notes. Use Space, Strum, and Swing to adjust note lengths and add swing, available on both Mac and Windows.
  • Categories: Filter through categories, styles and genres with ease and access the ability to save presets through the newly organized filters.
  • Double Time Playback Speeds: Unleash your creativity with new double and half time playback feature. This tool lets you play chord progressions at different speeds, sparking fresh ideas and allowing you to create a variety of sounds.
  • User-friendly Rhythm Presets: Mixed In Key has overhauled the rhythm preset section, introducing a more intuitive menu system. This upgrade helps you discover the perfect rhythm for your song in less time.
  • Roman Numerals: Fast-Track your chord progression selection displayed in Roman Numerals and sorted by genre and style.
  • Captain Beat UI Changes: Effortlessly choose and apply diverse drum patterns within Captain Beat and simplify your beat selection with the newly enhanced navigation in the Captain Plugins Epic 7 Update.
  • Drag and Drop MIDI Import: Mixed In Key made it incredibly simple to import MIDI files. Just drag and drop files straight from your computer into Captain’s Canvas.
  • Enhanced Performance: Mixed In Key boosted the performance of our plugins. Expect smoother workflows, increased responsiveness, 100’s of bug fixes in this latest update.

What's Inside The Captain Chords Epic Suite:

  • Captain Chords Epic: Instantly create great chord progressions. This software makes music theory easy for beginners and provides endless inspiration for professionals to craft the best harmonic progressions for your compositions.
  • Captain Melody Epic: Write the best leads and create catchy hooks. Make your song memorable through exploring motif and melodic structures with ease.
  • Captain Deep Epic: Genre-specific rhythms and fast MIDI editing baselines that round out the foundation of your compositions.
  • Captain Beat Epic:Create unique rhythms, separate and or combine drum beats and explore different ways of making grooves that drive your composition.
  • Captain Play Epic: Turn your computer keyboard into a sophisticated musical instrument which can play 250 sounds in any key and pattern.

Captain Plugins Epic Version 7.0 of the award-winning VST/AU plugins for Windows and Mac. Create unique chords, melodies, and basslines with our five acclaimed DAW plugins. Enjoy complete creative freedom with 100% royalty-free outputs