Squarp Instruments HERMOD+

Squarp Instruments HERMODplus

Squarp Instruments, since its creation ten years ago, has been driven by a very personal approach to machine design. They became a worldwide sequencing specialist in both modular and tabletop worlds. After Pyramid, they designed Hermod in 2017 with the idea of integrating the eurorack ecosystem to the rest of the studio, while providing a flexible and intuitive interface for sequencing everything. Squarp instruments today launched Hermod+. Everything has been redesigned and rethought in this new version of Squarpʼs first modular sequencer Hermod.

Based on the original Hermod proven workflow and keeping the same form factor, Hermod+ offers a lot of new features, and a refined, more playful interface with extended connectivity. With its sleek design and advanced capabilities, it has been crafted to serve as the central hub of any modular setup, bridging the gap between CV/Gate and MIDI.

Redesigned and rethought from the ground up, Hermod+ is more than just an upgrade to the original Hermod - it is a new and improved creation in its own right. Drawing inspiration from the flagship sequencer Hapax, the device features a wide screen and a grid-based, step-by-step sequencer, as well as dedicated tracks buttons, which allow for a more streamlined and intuitive workflow. Whether you're a seasoned producer or a newcomer to the world of modular synthesis, Hermod+ offers an unparalleled level of performance and versatility.

Hermod+ is a modular sequencer that includes 16 tracks, comprising of 8 CV/Gate and 8 MIDI. Each track features 16 independent patterns and an 8 MIDI effects rack. Its connectivity, which includes 4 CV inputs, 8 CV/Gate pairs, MIDI in/out, and USB host/device (in/out), makes it compatible with most setups. Moreover, Hermod+ offers multiple synchronization options, including analog and digital synchronization types. It now features two dedicated clock and reset outputs for an instant synchronisation with your entire eurorack system, without sacrificing any track. Whether you're looking to create complex modular performances or simply want to add more depth to your music, Hermod+ has everything you need to elevate your sound to new heights.

Hermod+ provides an easy, intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable workflow, eliminating the need for any manual during initial use. Whether it's recording live performances, utilizing the polyphonic step sequencer, drawing or recording automated modulation, or making use of dynamic MIDI effects, Hermod+ has you covered. Further experimentation is available through the modmatrix, which allows users to patch anything to an effect parameter. With the ability to explore new ideas, improvise, and generate new sounds.  Once a catchy loop is achieved, patterns can be seamlessly organized to create a full song. The inclusion of a musical random generator and generative MIDI effects allows for uncharted musical territories to be explored, leading to unanticipated results. 

Advanced users can delve deeper into Hermod+ by finetuning their own unique device and adapting it to their specific needs. With access to a range of settings and advanced features, users can use Hermod+ as the central device for their projects. Squarp has dedicated significant attention to ensuring its live robustness. With a design specifically crafted for live gig performances, the module is engineered to be sturdy and dependable, featuring a wide screen and no menu diving.  In addition to its durability, Squarp offers practical features to enhance live performances. Utilizing the integrated SD card, users can recall their projects in sync, saving and loading them with ease.  With the ability to load a project while Hermod+ continues to play, users can build complex live sets without any loading interruptions.

Product Specifications


  • Tracks : 8 CV/Gate + 8 MIDI
  • Patterns : 16 per tracks
  • Recording resolution : 96ppqn
  • Track length : 1/16 note to 16 bars
  • Automation per patterns : modulation + pitchbend + aftertouch + sustain


  • Amount of projects : unlimited
  • Tempo : 1 to 280 BPM
  • Global transpose track : yes
  • Double project architecture : yes
  • Song chain length : 64 sequences

Piano roll

  • Zoom max : X8
  • Note/gate width : 1/256 note to 16 bars
  • Maximum polyphony per step : 24
  • Row edit (polyphony editing) : yes
  • Note pitch : C0 to C10
  • Note velocity : 0 to 127

Synchonization clock speed

  • Max input rate : 1/96 = 24ppqn
  • Max output rate : 1/96 = 24ppqn


  • MIDI : TRS + USB host + USB device
  • CV : 4x [-5V to +5V]


  • MIDI : TRS + USB host + USB device
  • CV : 8x [-5V to +5V]
  • GATE : 8x [0V / +5V]
  • Dedicated Clock port
  • Dedicated Reset port for transport


  • Width : 26HP
  • Depth : 20mm
  • Weight : 285gr (0.63lbs)
  • CV inputs resolution : 16-bit
  • CV outputs resolution : 16-bit
  • Display : OLED 58x16mm
  • SD card : microSD high speed (provided)