Ocean Way Audio S15A

OceanWaveAudio s15a front

Ocean Way Audio (booth 16315) announced the launch of its latest innovation: the S15A Subwoofer. The S15A, designed by legendary audio innovator, product designer and Grammy award-winning producer Allen Sides, is perfect for recording and mixing applications, and is suitable for a range of listening environments where low-end loudness with power and definition is key. The S15A Subwoofer will be showcased at the Ocean Way Audio booth during the NAMM Show.

"Ocean Way Audio's new S15A Subwoofer helps modern producers and engineers achieve the precision, detail and performance they need in the low frequency range, whether they are recording or mixing sessions," commented Allen Sides, CEO and Founder of Ocean Way Audio. "With a frequency range that extends down to 28Hz, our new speaker delivers the bass response your project deserves without compromise. In addition to use in traditional recording and mix environments, the S15A Subwoofer is also a perfect solution for fixed installations that require a powerful, detailed bass response."

With a single 15" low frequency driver capable of handling up to 3400 watts, the S15A Subwoofer features an internal 1200 watt internal amplifier, resulting in an astounding in a spectacular bass response with a frequency range of 28Kz to 120Hz, capable of handling a maximum of 128dB SPL. On the rear panel, in addition to its stereo balanced XLR inputs and outputs, the subwoofer features a full set of controls including gain, low frequency adjustments, crossover, delay and more, making it suitable for integration into almost any audio environment. A trigger input/output is also included in the design to maximize power conservation and other applications.


  • Power: Internal
  • Driver: Single 15"
  • Amplifier: 1200 Watts
  • Frequency Range: 28 Hz to 120 Hz
  • Maximum SPL: 128 dB
  • Controls: Trigger (On/Off), Gain, LF Adjust, Crossover Sweep (60 Hz to 120 Hz),
  • Delay (0ms to 20ms), Input selector control