Flock Audio PATCH APP DX 1.0

FlockAudio PATCH  APP DX 1 0

Flock Audio–the innovative analog routing company best known for its PATCH Series digitally controlled analog patchbays–has announced the release of its PATCH APP DX 1.0 control software, charting new territory in total hardware management. The TEC Award nominated software–first announced at the 2022 NAMM show and soft-launched shortly thereafter–goes beyond the capabilities of the already fast and efficient computer controlled analog routing functionality of Flock Audio’s PATCH APP Classic software, adding iPad, and iPhone iOS apps to its Mac OSX and Windows-based desktop applications while incorporating advanced photo and annotation features to enable speedy and accurate recalls. PATCH APP DX also provides several workflow and GUI enhancements aimed toward PATCH Series power users.

PATCH APP DX will be available from the website below and the Apple App Store along with a 14-day free trial and promotional introductory pricing of $4.99 monthly, $49.99 annually, or a perpetual license for $149.99. PATCH APP DX licenses are managed by PACE iLok, and activations are allowed for iLok Dongle, iLok Cloud and direct to CPU. PATCH APP Classic will remain free for all PATCH Series hardware users and will continue to receive standard feature and compatibility updates.

In addition to an enhanced desktop application functionality for Mac OSX and Windows, PATCH APP DX 1.0 integrates a full standalone version for iPad and remote version for iPhone iOS, all of which communicate seamlessly with each other via network. Changes made on one device are instantly reflected in the entire PATCH ecosystem, and iPad and iPhone camera functionality can be used to capture photos of everything from device settings to mic placements, which automatically sync and store to user created routings within PATCH APP DX for fast and accurate recall at the most granular level. Annotation tools further enhance the user experience by allowing for easy note-taking and marking of hard-to-read knobs in users’ photos for precise and hassle-free recall.

“With the launch of PATCH APP DX 1.0, Flock Audio is excited to embark on a new journey beyond routing into total hardware management,” says Flock Audio CEO and Founder Darren Nakonechny. “Analog hardware’s resilience in an increasingly digital world indicates the considerable value engineers, producers, artists, and integrators place on its unmatched sonic capabilities and tactile workflow, and that’s why Flock Audio has worked tirelessly to ensure that these professionals never miss a step when it comes to speed, efficiency and creativity while in the analog workflow. PATCH APP DX is already the best tool on the market for tracking, annotating, and recalling your hardware settings, and its capabilities will only continue to grow as we add new features in the months to come with additions like the PATCH APP BRIDGE plug-in. Allowing for Install recall right from your DAW’s Session, the potential is nearly limitless for complete analog hardware management with PATCH APP DX.”

GUI enhancements in PATCH APP DX 1.0 provide new options for organizing and recalling routings and make zeroing in on the relevant parts of your session fast and smooth. These include 6 QuickStrip slots–up from 3 in PATCH APP Classic–for instantaneous recall of most-used routings with a single click, as well as in-depth color customization for Path Names, QuickStrip Selections, and Stored Routings, as well as color Hardware Index labeling that allows users to assign colors to certain types of hardware–i.e. equalizers or compressors–for easy visual identification.


  • Full app version for MAC OSX, Windows, and iPad and a selective remote control for iPhone
  • Network integration within the PATCH APP ecosystem ensures any changes in routings, presets, or settings are instantaneously reflected across all of a user’s devices.
  • Capture and store microphone positionings and outboard hardware settings with your iPad or iPhone camera and store them within your active routing within PATCH APP DX.
  • Annotate photos within your routings with the pen tool to create notes or mark knob positions for easy and fast recall.
  • 6 QuickStrip slots–up from 3 in PATCH APP Classic–for instantaneous recall of your most-used routings with a single click.
  • Updated GUI, with in-depth color customization for Path Names, QuickStrip Selections, Stored Routings and the Hardware Index for easy visual identification of routing types (i.e. compressors, EQs, etc.).
  • Integration with Flock Audio’s forthcoming DX Bridge plug-in (Q1-Q2, 2023) which will allow users to save and store routings and hardware management data from within their DAW, automatically recalling them whenever they open the DAW project file.