Flock Audio PATCH XT Now Shipping

FlockAudio PatchXT front

Flock Audio, manufacturers of the groundbreaking PATCH Series digitally controlled analog patchbay system, have begun shipping their new hardware unit – the PATCH XT. With 192 digital-conversion-free fully-analog point connections, the PATCH XT is the most comprehensive all-in-one patchbay solution offered by Flock Audio to date and will be available for purchase from Authorized Flock Audio dealers. In addition to unprecedented connectivity, PATCH XT brings brand new features to the PATCH Series, including Sleep/Wake functionality and Audio Detection input metering. Alongside the release of PATCH XT, Flock Audio has also announced the XTH Cable Hanger Accessory, a cable management accessory designed to create a strain relief solution and extend the lifespan of the 24 DB25/D-SUB cables connected to the rear panel of the PATCH XT.

“We’re very excited to begin shipping our highly-anticipated new PATCH Series model, the PATCH XT,” says Flock Audio CEO and Founder Darren Nakonechny. “While the PATCH APP Software (OSX/Windows) has long supported the ability to intuitively combine multiple PATCH Series units, we have heard a strong demand for a self-contained and comprehensive PATCH solution for users who rely heavily on analog gear for their workflows. With 92 ins and 92 outs, the PATCH XT meets the connectivity requirements of many recording studios, broadcast control rooms, and other channel-intensive environments with a single PATCH XT unit. And for users who demand even more connectivity, PATCH APP 3.0 now facilitates the configuring of up to 10 PATCH Series units, satisfying even the most demanding integration needs.”

In addition to its unprecedented 192 digitally controlled analog point connections, PATCH XT incorporates innovative features new to the PATCH Series. These include a power-saving Sleep/Wake mode function and Audio Detection integration. The PATCH XT’s Sleep/Wake mode allows users to put PATCH XT into a low-power Sleep state without fully powering down the unit, then switch it back into Wake mode instantaneously when they are ready to resume work. Sleep/Wake mode can be toggled remotely via PATCH APP. PATCH XT’s Audio Detection capability helps users easily troubleshoot their outboard hardware setups, providing visual indication within PATCH APP when a given point connection is receiving an incoming audio signal. Audio Detection is easily accessed within PATCH APP by right-clicking the PATCH XT logo next to the “Mute All” button and selecting “Audio Detection.”

FlockAudio PatchXT back

The PATCH Series has revolutionized the hybrid audio workstation by delivering digital control over a fully analog patchbay without introducing digital conversion into the audio signal path. The result allows users to leverage the sonic benefits of their favorite analog hardware without sacrificing the speed and efficiency of a digital workflow. PATCH APP 3.0 empowers users to easily create, tweak, and swap their analog signal chains without ever reaching over to their gear rack, enabling workflow possibilities never before attainable with traditional patchbays. Store routings for instantaneous recall, create mults, or audition multiple signal chains on the fly, all with a click of a mouse. Innovative and expertly designed, the PATCH Series helps users modernize their workflows and keep up with the fast pace of today’s audio industry.

PATCH XT Features

  • Patented Flock Audio Matrix Technology
  • 100% transparent analog signal path with no AD/DA conversion
  • 192 point connections – 96 inputs and 96 outputs – on DB-25/D-SUB connectors (expandable via multi-unit capabilities)
  • 32 assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power
  • 2 combination TRS/XLR inputs and 2 XLR outputs on front panel for quick analog connectivity
  • Sleep/Wake power-saving functionality
  • Audio Detection integration
  • Compact 3U rack footprint
  • Space-saving wall-wart-free internal designed power supply with included IEC cable
  • USB and Ethernet ports for computer a d host control connectivityie
  • Optional rear-mount XTH Cable Hanger accessory

PATCH APP 3.0 Features

  • Create, store, and recall routings in seconds
  • Create complex multing combinations without impedance issuesMultiple Unit Expansion with any PATCH Model combination and configuration
  • OSX and Windows compatibility (iOS version for iPad coming soon)