2wcom Webinar: Radio Production and Distribution In The Cloud

2wcom cloud webinar december 2021

The webinar by 2wcom will introduce the cloud native radio broadcasting platform RadioMan and give insights on cloud native multimedia over IP network.

RadioMan is a full range cloud-based radio broadcasting platform for commercial and public radio broadcasting, for content management, workflow management and distribution. Mr. Jorma Kivelä, CTO of Jutel, will introduce RadioMan´s core capabilities in cloud based radio production.

2wcom Systems GmbH is a manufacturer and supplier of professional audio broadcast solutions. In this webinar Mr. Leif Cipriani, CTO of 2wcom will explain the core functionality of MoIN, Multimedia over IP Network as a cloud-based software transcoding solution and how this fits neatly together with RadioMan.

RadioMan customers are currently transitioning to cloud based radio production and distribution. In the last part of the webinar we will share their experiences and insights how transition can be done rapidly when circumstances like Covid-19 demand the change to new production and distribution technologies.

The webinar will be held on the 15th of December at 5 pm CET in English. Register for the webinar here.