Point Source Audio unveils all-new LAVALIER SWITCH KIT

An essential mic kit designed for sound professionals offers changeability according to miking situation

PointSourceAudio TA4F X Connector shown

Delivering the perfect lav miking solution is as easy as one, two, three with the new LAVALIER SWITCH KIT from Point Source Audio. The new kit offers one lavalier mic that transforms into two wearing styles, and into three different color options to help audio technicians meet the ever-changing conditions of miking the talent.

At the heart of the LAVALIER SWITCH KIT is the company’s top-selling IP 57 Waterproof Omnidirectional Lavalier. The mic choice includes a low sensitivity option for live stage applications or a high sensitivity option for studio broadcast. This waterproof mic has a low profile at merely 4mm in diameter, but it embodies all the high-performance characteristics you might expect from a larger format microphone-and it has been a workhorse trusted by sound professionals around the world.

“We created the LAVALIER SWITCH KIT to be a ‘grab and go’ solution for audio professionals,” said Point Source Audio’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Yvonne Ho. “Having the right accessories can very quickly transform a basic lavalier mic into a tailored solution for a stage actor, corporate presenter, or a guest speaker in a studio setting.”

 PointSourceAudio TA4F Examples

The versatility to change the lavalier to a professional on-ear microphone is offered exclusively with the company’s patented EMBRACE earmounts, included in beige, brown and black colors. EMBRACE earmounts deliver a winning combination of concealing on the ear, while the mounting system keeps the mic placement consistent to the mouth as with traditional headset style mics.

To further camouflage the mic, the mic element color can be changed with a selection of custom-designed color caps in beige, brown, black, white, and gray that also serve as pop filters and added protection from water and other elements.

For traditional lavalier mounting, the kit contains 8 clip-based mounting options to meet every need. The smooth SLIDER clips come as a single or a double mount, while magnetic, vampire, and alligator clip options are also included in black and white colors.

The LAVALIER SWITCH KIT can be purchased in a variety of different connector variants including Lemo-style, 5-pin mini-XLR for Lectronsonics, 4-pin mini XLR for Shure wireless, as well as 3.5mm locking ring terminations for either Sony or Sennheiser wireless. In addition to this, every kit also comes with an X-connector with TRRS termination for mobile devices and computers.

Pricing and Availability

The new LAVALIER SWITCH KITS are available to order immediately through all Point Source Audio authorized resellers and distributors. Each SWITCH KIT is priced at $800 MSRP and includes the lavalier microphone in black color, 3 pre-trimmed EMBRACE earmounts, 8 mounting clips, 5 colored windscreen caps, 6 additional foam windscreens, an X-Connector for a specified wireless system, and a bonus TRRS audio X-Connector for computer and mobile phones. A total of 10 LAVALIER SWITCH KITS are offered based on the mic sensitivity rating and wireless compatibility:

High Sensitivity Mic Rating for Studio Broadcast

  • CO-8WLh-KIT-XLE-BL - 5-pin mini-XLR termination for Lectrosonics
  • CO-8WLh-KIT-XSK-BL - Lemo-style termination
  • CO-8WLh-KIT-XSE-BL - 3.5mm locking-ring termination for Sennheiser wireless
  • CO-8WLh-KIT-XSY-BL - 3.5mm locking-ring termination for Sony wireless
  • CO-8WLh-KIT-XSH-BL - 4-pin mini-XLR termination for Shure wireless

Low Sensitivity Mic Rating for Live Stage

  • CO-8WL-KIT-XLE-BL - 5-pin mini-XLR termination for Lectrosonics
  • CO-8WL-KIT-XSK-BL - Lemo-style termination
  • CO-8WL-KIT-XSE-BL - 3.5mm locking-ring termination for Sennheiser wireless
  • CO-8WL-KIT-XSY-BL - 3.5mm locking-ring termination for Sony wireless
  • CO-8WL-KIT-XSH-BL - 4-pin mini-XLR termination for Shure wireless