Accentize dxRevive Version 1.1.0

Accentice dxRevive Update

Accentize announces the release of version 1.1.0 of its highly acclaimed audio restoration plugin, dxRevive. Building on its reputation for delivering state-of-the-art, AI-powered audio processing, and based on professional user feedback, this update introduces significant enhancements and new features designed to elevate audio restoration to even greater levels.

The latest version of dxRevive showcases improvements across all algorithms, ensuring even better quality results and efficient audio processing. Changes include new and improved algorithms, plus fixes for the elimination of clicks and pops at the beginning and ending of processed audio snippets, better handling of higher-pitched voices to prevent robotic artefacts, improved preservation of higher frequency components, more stable synthesis for missing low frequencies, and more efficient CPU utilisation.

Introducing New Algorithms:

  • Studio 2 (dxRevive + dxRevivePro): The next generation of our original Studio algorithm, engineered to deliver the desired studio sound with enhanced handling of higher frequencies. This update benefits certain audio recordings, particularly those above 4kHz, ensuring superior clarity and detail.
  • Natural (dxRevivePro exclusive): A brand-new addition that offers background noise and reverb removal and frequency restoration with minimal EQ manipulation. Natural is designed to stay truer to the original recording, offering a more authentic restoration.

Enhanced Features for dxRevive Pro:

  • A new algorithm selector window makes it easier to choose the right tool for the job, providing clear and accessible information about each algorithm.
  • Individual Bypass buttons for each frequency band allow users to effortlessly compare changes, enhancing the flexibility and control over the audio restoration process.

dxRevive continues to be available in both a professional version, dxRevive Pro, offering advanced features for the most demanding audio restoration tasks, and a standard version, dxRevive, delivering powerful restoration capabilities with a streamlined feature set at an affordable price.

Accentize remains committed to leading innovation and excellence in audio processing software. This update reinforces their dedication to providing audio professionals with the tools they need to achieve pristine audio quality in their post-production projects. dxRevive updates ensure that dxRevive is fully backwards compatible with previous versions. This update is free to existing users of dxRevive.