StageTec NEXUS compact

An exciting event awaits as STAGETEC takes stage at ISE 2024. Prepare to immerse yourself in a glimpse of the future of audio and signal management. Embark on a journey through the expanded capabilities of the NEXUS compact series with Release V2.0 and the new NEXUS 4split. Marvel at the seamless integration of Stagenet, a revolutionary new control system.

NEXUS is an extremely flexible system with an enormous number of possible uses. NEXUS can start with individual base devices that can be used purely for format conversion and/or synchronization. Up to smaller systems that take on public address and control tasks to the most complex systems in various institutions with the highest operational reliability and durability. For an impressive 30 years, NEXUS has been the backbone of audio distribution, and the NEXUS compact and 4split proudly continues this tradition.

The release V2.0 of NEXUS compact adds more functionality to the already flexible audio frontend. Through a simple firmware update, the existing NEXUS compact units gets added the following:

  • STAGETEC-grade audio processing
  • 120 x 16 Mix Matrix
  • 16 x Input processing (Delay, Exp, EQ, Comp)
  • 16 x Output processing (Delay, EQ, Comp, Lim)
  • AVATUS compressors, were modern wet/dry, knee and soft clip parameters have been added

A new version of the browser based UI provides controls for the new functionality – in the look-and-feel of the AVATUS GUI. Including snapshot automation and copy/paste for processing blocks. A XY routing matrix has been added for more intuitive signal routing.

In addition to the signal routing, mic parameter control can now be done from the Stagenet UI. The NEXUS compact (DANTE version) can now be controlled from a Yamaha CL/QL console. The same licensing system applies as with Yamaha mic control for NEXUS. The latest addition NEXUS 4split is a standalone unit with a variety of sizes and configurations. The TrueMatch Microphone Inputs are duplicated by making use of the four splits the XMIC cards provide on each input. Each of the four split outputs has its own set of parameters useful for operation on stage or in a recording context. These signals are controlled by a web browser interface, enabling operation from an iPad (wireless connection) or a service computer running standard web browser software. The split signals appear on all output formats (DANTE, AES67, ANALOG, MADI) simultaneously.

The Stagenet showcase features full network control based on IPMX, a ProAV derivation of the SMPTE2110 broadcast standard using JPEG XS compressed video over a 1G network as well as NMOS control. Visitors will see how Stagenet 1.0 gives comprehensive control over Matrox ConvertIP units, which will govern video distribution across the entire STAGETEC stand.

Beyond managing video devices, Stagenet will seamlessly integrate all audio devices by STAGETEC and Merging Technologies across the stand as well as Arista Networks switches. Thanks to Stagenet's highly intuitive browser-based user interface attendees will witness adding new devices to the network within seconds without needing any technical configuration skills. Stagenet prioritizes user convenience.

Stagenet is about advanced IP control and surveillance, including dynamic multicast address managementof AV streams and system monitoring on multiple levels. This includes checking cable connections, overlooking PTP synchronization and even identifying lost packets anywhere on the network. These capabilities are combined with conventional control functions, such as managing matrix crosspoints and adjusting microphone or video inputs, allowing a smooth transition from traditional systems to Audio/Video-over-IP.

At ISE, Stagenet will prove that IP can be made easy, such that users can focus on signal content, not technical complexity. AVATUS SW-Release V1.20 at ISE’24 with Enhanced Features and Improved Fluidity The latest Release of AVATUS’ Software version 1.20 is presented at ISE’24 and available to AVATUS customers after the show.

The underlying OS has been completely rebuilt to improve fluidity and many long awaited features have been added. Amongst others are CUE-Preview/edit, Remote Desktop Connections controlling external PCs, Web-Viewer for browsing and AES67-Stream configuration, DAW-control and many workflow improvements such as extended ACCESS-Button functionalities. Find out what STAGETEC can do for you and your individual application needs at our booth 5.F620 - and do not forget the Happy Hour at 4pm with our delicious Bavarian-Franconian beer.