New Ambient Timecode Cables

Ambient Sync cables

In the last months Ambient has expanded their Timecode & Sync cable range to accommodate new camera models and connectors.

These are the new cables:

  • LTC-OUT Micro USB (for cameras that accept TC via Micro USB - e.g. Sony FX3/FX30)
  • LTC-OUT-USBC (for cameras that accept TC via USB-C - e.g. DJI Osmo Action)
  • LTC-OUT-USBC-SD (for Sound Devices A20-TX and A20-Mini transmitters)
  • LTC-OUT-DIN (for cameras with DIN 1.0/2.3 connector - e.g. Canon EOS R5 C)
  • LTC-OUT35/Mic (splits into 3.5 mm TRS and a scratch mic)
  • TC-Sync & Trigger RED (TC & Sync + Trigger IN for RED cameras with 4-pin Sync port)
  • ACN-TC-RCP-R (Timecode and metadata interface cable for RED cameras)
  • ACN & Tally CTRL RED (ACN & Tally OUT from RED cameras with 4-pin CTRL port)

To pruchase the cables, check out the webshop below or get in touch with your local dealer.