Ambient QuickPole Slim

Ambient QuickPoleSlim

Ambient announce the new Slim edition of their popular QuickPole Series - "Slim" because it has one segment less and is very comfortable to hold with a diameter of just 30mm. Ambient have received a lot of feedback from customers who loved our old 4-segment QS Line. The request for a thinner version of the QP5 has now been answered. A special thanks goes out to veteran boom operator Allen Williams from Sound Speeds for his great input during the design process.

The features (compared to the regular QP5 series):

  • Thinner Diameter (30mm instead of 34mm)
  • Lighter (one segment less)
  • Improved Locks (a quarter turn now completely prevents lateral twisting)
  • Black Tip

Ambient QuickPoleSlim Mount


  • A80981 | QP Slim Long: Extends from 155 cm to 518 cm (weight: 835g)
  • A80987 | QP Slim Short: Extends from 100 cm to 330 cm (weight: 550g)

The QuickPole Slim is available as of now. Check Ambient's webshop or get in touch with your local dealer.