Flock Audio PATCH APP 3.0

Latest Update to Its Powerful Hardware Routing Control Software, Including Support for Upcoming PATCH XT

FlockAudio PatchAPP 3 0 GUI small

Flock Audio has announced the release of the latest version of its powerful and intuitive PATCH APP control software, PATCH APP 3.0. PATCH APP is a desktop application for Windows and Mac OSX that allows seamless digital control of Flock Audio’s revolutionary PATCH Series line of fully analog signal-routing hardware, enabling workflows never before attainable with conventional patchbays. PATCH APP 3.0 incorporates user interface upgrades as well as improvements to functionality, reaffirming Flock Audio’s commitment to delivering a premium product for recording, live sound, broadcast, and more. It also provides support for the forthcoming PATCH XT model, the most comprehensive PATCH Series routing solution yet with its 96 inputs and 96 outputs for a total of 192 points of I/O.

“Since their release, PATCH and PATCH LT have dramatically increased the speed and efficiency with which users can incorporate analog hardware into the modern studio or live environment,” says Darren Nakonechny, CEO and Founder of Flock Audio. “PATCH APP lies at the core of the PATCH workflow, and we are passionate about optimizing the user experience therein. By listening to user feedback and incorporating our own observations, PATCH APP 3.0 makes a number of improvements that should make routing your analog hardware even more seamless than before.”

Highlights from the PATCH APP 3.0 update include the following:

Routing Grid - PATCH APP 3.0 features several upgrades that improve functionality of the Routing Grid.

  • Drag & Drop to add rows - Users can now drag and drop a piece of hardware into the bottom slot of their routing grid to expand additional digital rack spaces.
  • Stored Routing Quick Strip - Positioned above the routing grid is the new Stored Routing Quick Strip which will allow users a single click operation to quickly recall their most frequently used routings as chosen by the user without having to go into their stored routing menu.
  • Customized PATH Names – One of the most highly requested features is finally here, allowing users to customize each individual PATH name and save it within the Stored Routings File configuration.
  • New Mute All function - Located next to the front I/O toggles, this function will mute all active Paths when triggered.
  • New Edit function in Stored Routing Menu + Reorder feature - To set a Default Launch Routing, users can now use the Edit button function in the top right hand corner of their
  • Stored Routing Menu. Users can now also use this menu option to Reorder their favorite Stored Routings.

Settings - PATCH APP 3.0 has a newly designed Settings menu, featuring additional menu options.

  • Updated Multiple Unit Setup menu - Users can now configure up to 10 PATCH Series Models using the Multi-Unit Setup Menu– including the PATCH XT model–instead of the previous 8 PATCH Series model limitation.
  • New "Independent" option in Multiple Unit Setup - Users can now select "Independent" as their Input/Output option if they want to independently control and route different units in one single instance of the PATCH APP without transferring analog signals between the multiple units.
  • New Hardware Setup Menu Search Functionality - Users can now launch the Hardware Setup Menu and search for text labels to easily locate and edit hardware text entries in the menu.
  • New Black Mask Background & Fixed Menu Positions - When opening menus such as the Hardware Setup menu, a Darkened Mask now appears behind the menu, over the main PATCH APP window, drawing the user's focus and attention to the opened menu. All menus are now also fixed in position relative to the main app window.


  • New PATCH APP Appearance & Aesthetics - The PATCH APP’s appearance received an update with darker backgrounds, window masking, new looks for button selections and routing indicator changes.
  • "Enter & Esc" will now close open menus - Users can now quickly save and/or close without saving open menus by performing the following key commands: Enter key -Save changes & Close any open menu window Esc - Close any open menu window without saving changes
  • New Command + M Key Command for Mute All - Users can now use the Command + M key command to mute all paths in the Routing Menu.

FlockAudio PatchXT

PATCH XT - PATCH APP v3.0 has been updated for compatibility with PATCH XT Hardware Models, including the implementation of new features specific to that hardware.

  • New Sleep/Wake functionality (XT Model Only) - The PATCH XT Model is designed with a Sleep/Wake function that allows users to customize whether they want the PATCH XT
  • Model to auto-sleep when not in use for a selected amount of hours (8 hours by default). Different Sleep/Wake options are customizable by the user by going to settings > User
  • Preferences > Sleep/Wake Function or right-clicking the "PATCH XT" icon next to the "Mute All" function on the bottom of the main PATCH APP window.
  • New Audio Detection menu (XT Only) - This feature allows PATCH XT users to confirm incoming audio signals are present during setup. When a PATCH XT is connected, a button labeled "PATCH XT" will appear next to the Mute All function. Right- clicking this menu allows access to the Audio Detection menu where users can enable this feature.