Kenia: Kayu FM in Nairobi produziert mit Lawo RƎLAY 06.12.2022
Kenya’s Kayu FM Serves Nairobi With Lawo RƎLAY 06.12.2022
Powersoft ArmoníaPlus 2.5 adds further AES67 support 06.12.2022
Rational Acoustics and Audient team up for Smaart integration of EVO devices 06.12.2022
Yamaha Delivers The Soundtrack For Spectacular Kamuy Lumina Enchanted Night Walk 29.11.2022
The Art of Sampling - Vienna Symphonic Library 18.11.2022
Snarky Puppy Relies on Audio-Technica Headphones and Microphones in Tracking New LP 16.11.2022
Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck use Austrian Audio mics on North American Tour 16.11.2022
GForce Oddity3 15.11.2022
Neumann M 49 V 08.11.2022
8th Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC22) on November 14-16, 2022 02.11.2022
Solid State Logic Launch SSL CONNEX: Premium USB Microphone 01.11.2022
Focusrite announce Vocaster Broadcast Kit & Vocaster DM14v Mic 01.11.2022
HH Electronics Appoints Koil Corporation as Distributor in South Korea 01.11.2022
United Plugins announces SounDevice Digital-developed MasterMind mastering plug-in 01.11.2022
Pilton Party follows in the footsteps of Glastonbury for Martin Audio WPL 01.11.2022
Baby Audio IHNY-2 01.11.2022
An SPL original – redesigned: DeEsser Mk2 28.10.2022
Hollyland Lark C1: New Plug to Record with Smartphones 28.10.2022
KRK Unveils New GoAux Portable Monitor System 27.10.2022
Hollyland präsentiert den Lark C1 für Audio-Aufnahmen mit Smartphones 27.10.2022
Low loss KLOTZ AES & DMX cable drums 27.10.2022
Hochwertige KLOTZ low loss AES & DMX Kabeltrommeln für lange Strecken 27.10.2022
TASCAM's Mixcast 4 is Central to Production of The Dark Side of the Cooks 27.10.2022
Orchestral Tools Launches FABRIK Series with Transit and Radome 27.10.2022
Martin Audio WPL makes auspicious Preston Park debut for Brighton & Hove Pride 26.10.2022
PreSonus launches the NSB 32.16 32x16 VB-networked Stage Box 25.10.2022
Ferncast präsentiert neue Produktklasse von Audio Codec Server: REDUNDANT 25.10.2022
Ferncast launches REDUNDANT, its premium Audio Codec Servers 25.10.2022
Lake People G108 bringt symmetrische Kopfhörerverstärkung in professionelle Studios 25.10.2022
Windows-Treiber V3 für Lynx PCIe Karten und Thunderbolt Interface 28.09.2022
Martin Audio Wavefront Precision brings explosive sound to Nagaoka Fireworks 28.09.2022
Fuse Audio Labs launches VREV-305 as twelve-spring reverb plugin 23.09.2022
Q-SYS announces two new AcousticDesign Series 22.09.2022
Waves Updates All Nx Headphone Mixing Plugins 22.09.2022
Synthesizer Studio Hamburg 09.09.2022
Mackie Thump GO 15.07.2022
Voyage Audio Spatial Mic mit USB oder Dante-Interface 09.12.2020
Audeze LCD-2 und LCD2 Classic 08.11.2018