TV 2 goes for digital transmission technology from Sennheiser

TV 2, Norway’s biggest private television station, has chosen to use the Digital 9000 wireless system from Sennheiser. The broadcaster has been using Digital 9000 for its programmes since December 2012.

TV 2, which has studios in Oslo und Bergen, has become the first broadcaster in Scandinavia to invest in the Sennheiser Digital 9000 system. The digital wireless system features uncompressed and therefore artefact-free audio transmission and is extremely user-friendly. For example, it is no longer necessary to calculate intermodulation frequencies and to plan the wireless system around them. Instead, Digital 9000 makes it possible to simply arrange these frequencies at equal distances.


“After carrying out extensive comparative tests with other digital wireless systems, we decided in favour of a combination of Digital 9000 and the 3000/5000 series from Sennheiser,” said Martin Mæland, who was responsible for testing the wireless systems and was closely involved in the selection process along with his colleagues. “The test phase already began in May 2012 and ended with an in-depth comparison of six wireless systems in autumn last year,” explained Mæland. “The tests were carried out over a period of two weeks, including during live broadcasts of the programmes God morgen Norge and Ettermiddagen.”

“All digital wireless systems have their own particular strengths, and some of them also have unique functions,” said Martin Mæland. “We had the requirement that the new system had to offer better sound while at the same time being just as easy and intuitive in everyday operation as our existing 3000 and 5000 systems. Digital 9000 fulfilled our requirements and expectations best of all. Its excellent sound quality, both in HD and LR mode, is what finally convinced us.”

In high-definition (HD) mode, the system transmits the audio data without compression and therefore artefact-free, just as if a wired microphone is being used. The staff at TV 2 were also impressed by the SK 9000 bodypack transmitter with its recessed buttons and its sturdy Lemo connector. “The SK 9000 are just as tough as our SK 5212 bodypack transmitters from Sennheiser. The display is clearly structured and the menu system is intuitive,” Maeland said.

A Digital 9000 system with 24 channels has been installed at TV 2 since December 2012, together with an extended antenna solution that was specially adapted by Sennheiser Nordic and Sennheiser electronic to meet the challenges on site. Roberth Opsahl-Engen, Key Account Manager Pro at Sennheiser Nordic A/S: “We are very proud that our digital wireless system has come out on top in a direct comparison with other digital systems.”

TV 2 is a member of the European Broadcasting Union and has its headquarters in Bergen. It has other editorial studios in Oslo, Tromsø, Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Hamar. Together with Radio Norge and Nettavisen, TV 2 is one of the dominant media companies in Norway.