sonible pure:unmask

sonible pureunmask interface

sonible’s pure:bundle has just been boosted with a fifth, easy-to-use but hugely effective audio processor, pure:unmask, a plugin that uses AI and spectral processing to make space for one mix channel in another with minimal setup. pure:unmask joins sonible’s other simple-to-use plugins to make this AI-powered collection a no-brainer. pure:comp, pure:EQ, pure:verb and pure:limit each focus their neural networks on their respective audio fields, providing the user with simple controls that help them achieve the results they want without any fuss.

Clarity is now only moments away thanks to pure:unmask, which makes short work of one of mixing’s most vital components: finding space within one track for another. With just four main controls and the power of sonible’s artificial intelligence, this VST/AU/AAX plugin gels two competing elements of a mix together perfectly without any pumping artifacts.

pure:unmask sits on the channel to be sculpted (background) and takes a sidechain input from the channel to be unmasked (prioritized). Once the routing is connected, the plugin analyzes both signals and uses a combination of artificial intelligence and spectral processing to accurately create clarity between the two channels without introducing any audio problems.

The processing can be refined via four controls. Unmasking is the large central knob that increases or decreases the overall effect. Resolution defines the width of the spectral processing bands at work. Visual feedback is given for the foreground and background levels and gain reduction. Speed effectively lets the user either shorten or lengthen attack and release times for the level ducking process; tailoring the unmasking effect to slower, harmonic contexts (piano vs guitar) or to faster, rhythmic contexts (kick vs bass). Finally, the Range control restricts the unmasking process to within a given low-frequency and high-frequency range.

Unmasking has been a fundamental aspect of mixing technique for decades. Now, not only does pure:unmask turn unmasking into a much simpler process – it goes one step further and improves the quality of the results using spectral processing and AI-powered analysis; taking your mixes to today’s high commercial standards.” - Alexander Wankhammer, sonible co-founder and CMO

pure:bundle Features:

  • Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
  • AI-powered processing and characteristic profiles
  • Powerful sound-shaping options
  • pure:unmask reduces frequency clashes between two tracks to create a clear, defined sound
  • pure:EQ immediately creates a spectral balance in a track
  • pure:comp instantly controls a track’s dynamics, giving it that professional edge
  • pure:verb creates reverb that matches a signal’s tonal characteristics
  • pure:limit effortlessly finds the right level for a mix

All plugins are available for PC and Mac in VST, AU and AAX formats. The full pure:bundle is now available at an introductory price of € 99,- (reg. € 149,-) until May 6. pure:unmask and all individual pure:bundle plug-ins are available individually for € 29,- (reg. € 49,-) each until May 6. Personalized upgrade pricing is available for existing sonible customers.