Schoeps Desert Island Stereo Set

Schoeps desertisland stereoset case

Real audio enthusiasts ask themselves which microphones they would take to a desert island. This hypothetical question may seem absurd, but it implies considerations that every professional microphone user deals with: Which microphone would I choose in a situation where resources are limited and priorities must be set? Important questions could be: How versatile is the microphone? How big and heavy is it if I am on the road a lot?

Schoeps has answered these questions in its typically uncompromising way with the "Desert Island Stereo Set". The set consists of two CMC 1 U amplifiers with two Colette MK capsules. The versatility of the Colette series microphones is undisputed. They have been in production for 50 years, have been constantly expanded and modernized, and are used in every application imaginable. The pair of microphones travels in the smallest Pelican (Peli) case available. Such flexible microphones in a convenient form factor are unique and a real eye-catcher. Let’s only hope that a device with phantom power can be found on the desert island.