Steinberg WaveLab 12

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Steinberg has today announced the immediate availability of WaveLab 12, which features close to 80 new features and improvements, making it the biggest ever release for audio mastering and editing. Whether its for mastering, editing, or harnessing its array of state-of-the-art tools for any other audio task, WaveLab 12 has something for everyone working with sound.

ARA compatibility means WaveLab’s advanced editing features can now be used from within another DAW, such as Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Reaper 7, Studio One 6.5, and others. Any audio range, with or without effects, can be seamlessly transferred from WaveLab to any other application, without any limits or restrictions. New drag and drop and copy/paste functions help to radically streamline the workflow across diverse platforms.

Automatic transient markers offer optimal visual guidance, assisting with snapping audio selections to transient and release points, and so streamlining the editing process. Users can also use the tab key for swift forward and backward navigation across transient points, speeding up their workflow. Extra visual analysis tools, including audio waveforms in multiple colors, is another addition. These allow users to highlight the details of audio files and montages across the frequency spectrum. Also now available is fully customizable coloration which assists with the instant recognition of specific audio features.

User can now optionally associate all standard editing actions with a crossfade option, enabling smooth transitions throughout the editing process. The loudness of reference tracks can be matched for accurate A/B comparisons between mastered audio and reference sources. The Audio Montage meta normalizer has been enhanced with three new functions: to set the active clip's loudness and shift others; to peak normalize the predominant clip and shift others; and to normalize the peak level.

Personalized reports can be generated, which detail all aspects of loudness and peak levels within audio files and montages. Null Test Tracks for the Audio Montage have been introduced for a widely used audio measurement technique known as null testing or null difference, aiding quality assurance, troubleshooting, and audio analysis. Tracks can now be hidden to declutter screen space, while also freeing up CPU resources for other tracks. WaveLab’s project system has been redesigned for enhanced ease of use. Entire projects can be backed up as a consolidated folder or a ZIP archive, containing all files. Audio montages also have a simplified structure, which operates from a central folder and can be backed up with all media files.

WaveLab 12 includes many more new features for audio editing, mastering, sound design, and batch processing:

  • Extended copy and paste functionality
  • Synchronized audio file and montage navigation
  • New Startup Assistant
  • Built-in Steinberg ASIO driver for Windows
  • Frequency band monitoring
  • Plug-in settings replicator
  • Enhanced album wizard
  • Audio Editor display options
  • Speaker configurations with playback plug-ins
  • New Black Valve and VoxComp compressors, EQ-P1A and EQ-M5 equalizers, SampleAlign, and Raiser limiter
  • A myriad of improvements to the Audio Editor, Audio Montage, Batch Processor, and for content creation and productivity

“With almost 80 exciting additions and improvements, most of which have been requested by our trusted users, WaveLab 12 is the most feature-rich version that we have everreleased,” says Marketing Manager Luis Dongo. “WaveLab also now includes ARA support, so everyone can integrate the mastering and editing power of WaveLab into their workflow, regardless of which DAW they use. This opens a huge door of possibilities to the widest possible array of users.”

WaveLab 12 is available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop. The suggested retail price for WaveLab Pro 12 is 499 euros or 499 US dollars. The suggested retail price for WaveLab Elements 12 is 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars. Prices may vary according to region. Updates are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop. Updates to WaveLab Pro 12 from previous WaveLab Pro versions start at 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars. Updates to WaveLab Elements 12 from previous WaveLab Elements versions start at 34.99 euros or 34.99 US dollars. Customers who have activated WaveLab Pro 11, WaveLab Elements 11, or earlier versions from December 27, 2023, are eligible for a free, downloadable grace period update to the respective latest version.

Key Features:

  • WaveLab inside your favorite DAW: Use WaveLab’s powerful Audio Editor as an ARA plug-in within the chosen DAW
  • Multi-color waveform: Visualize audio waveforms in multiple colors which highlight the spectral content
  • Drag & Drop audio exchange with other DAWs: Transfer any audio range, with or without effects, from WaveLab to any other application, without any limits or restrictions
  • Loudness analysis and reporting: Generate personalized reports detailing all aspects of loudness and peak levels within audio files and montages
  • Loudness matching: Match the loudness of reference tracks to the Audio Montage output and vice versa, for instant, accurate A/B comparisons between mastered audio and reference sources
  • Automatic transient markers offer optional visual guidance which aids for snapping audio selections to transient and release points
  • Visual analysis. Explore the spectral details of audio files and montages in minute detail with this wide range of visual analysis tools
  • New Startup Assistant features an extended session management section and a web display panel
  • Streamlined Audio Montage asset management: Simplify the organization of audio montages with a revamped structure which operates from a central folder housing files and other folders
  • Extended quality assurance: New Null Test Track audio measurement method for quality assurance
  • New plug-ins: SampleAlign, BlackValve, VoxComp, Raiser, EQ-P1A, and EQ-M5 have been added to WaveLab’s plug-in arsenal
  • Plus more than 60 productivity features