Lake People electronic introduces new developers Helmut Butz and Daniel Suchy

LakePeople Neue Mitarbeiter

Lake People celebrates the 35th anniversary by enrolling new developers. From now on, four experienced engineers take care of the audio solutions of tomorrow – for studios and private music enjoyment alike.

Lake People, Violectric, Niimbus – names that stand for top quality in audio reproduction and craftsmanship. The Constance-based manufacture has established itself over the past 35 years, gaining popularity with both professional and audiophile users. Determined to continue this trend of amazing sound-enthusiasts, mastermind Fried Reim expands his team of developers. In addition to his long-time co-developer Jochen Müller, the Lake People R&D department will now benefit from the experience of Helmut Butz and Daniel Suchy. Together, the team of four will find new ways to make the hearts of audiophiles beat faster.

In the realm of recording studio technology, the name Helmut Butz is already well established. The inventive engineer has earned his laurels with products that combine quality and creativity – sound processing deluxe is his field of expertise. Appropriately, Butz will further the professional analogue portfolio of Lake People. This includes tapping into new markets – with product types that were not available from Lake People so far.

The second new engineer in the Lake People R&D department is Daniel Suchy, who brings his extensive expertise concerning digital technology and audio networks. Combined with the already established strengths of the manufacture, the exquisite analogue approach of Helmut Butz and the innovative mind of Fried Reim, Daniel Suchy will grow the Lake People and Violectric product catalogues in the sectors network technology, AD and DA conversion, format converters and interfaces.

Rest on his laurels after three and a half decades in the audio circus – that does not suit Fried Reim and his boundless creativity. Instead, he bolsters the already renowned competence of Lake People with two new developers and looks towards a future that holds products beyond the company’s previous scope. With a long list of planned projects, Reim is unrelentingly driven by his unquenchable thirst for outstanding audio quality. “With Helmut Butz and Daniel Suchy, we have secured the expertise that will elevate Lake People and Violectric to the next level,” says CEO Christof Mallmann. “We look forward to all the exciting innovations that will spring from the know-how and creativity of the newly strengthened team of developers.”

The special areas of expertise already hint at it: the future of Lake People is hybrid. While traditional, all-analogue products will continue to play an important role in the portfolio, the company will focus more strongly on marrying analogue and digital technology. So far, no details about specific products have been revealed. But with a team made of Fried Reim, Jochen Müller, Helmut Butz and Daniel Suchy, the company will surely stay true to its approach: high-quality audio technology with clever ideas and outstanding engineering. Lake People, Violectric, Niimbus – the future of audio begins now.