Zoom unveils the new G6 Multi-Effects Processor

Zoom G6 Topview

Zoom, long known for its history of innovative guitar effects, introduces the new G6 Multi- Effects Processor. The versatile all-in-one G6 combines stellar sound and convenient portability in a rugged, easy-to-use multi-effects processor that can fit in the pocket of your gig bag. Jaw dropping effects combined with powerful amp modeling, the G6 is in a class of its own.

The culmination of 30 years of Zoom’s engineering know-how, passion for audio and love of guitar. The G6 is brimming with some of the best sounds you’ll ever hear.

Your sounds may be complex but building them shouldn’t be. With easy-to-use, application driven technology, the G6’s 4.3-inch color touchscreen lets you drag, drop and swipe your way to new sounds.

All the best amps in amp history are in here (and a few new ones, too), along with 70 pre-loaded, precisely recorded impulse responses (IR) and room to add more than 100 of your own.

The G6 also delivers the ultimate collection of Zoom’s legendary guitar effects and tones, including brand new Distortion and Modulation effects.

The G6 has room for 240 patches, including 100 user presets so you can build patches for each song in your repertoire and easily cycle through your setlist. Create patches of up to seven effects.

The four Play Modes ( Looper, Memory, Preset Banks and Effects Board ) on the G6 will change the touchscreen and footswitch layout to give you quick access to the controls you need.

Looper: Use the Looper to add layers to your sound. Create loops up to 2 hours by recording to an SD/SDXC card.

Memory: Ideal for organizing your patches, the Memory Mode allows the foot switches to activate one of the 4 patches in your bank.

Preset Banks:This mode lets you scroll up and down through your Banks and Patches by clicking the corresponding foot switch.

Effects Board: This mode provides a visual representation of your pedal chain. By clicking the assigned foot switch, you can turn on or off an effect in your patch.

The G6 can create loops up to 2 hours in length with an SD/SDXC card*. Create, store and recall up to 256 loop files.
*45-second looper without SD card.

Choose your groove from the 68 onboard rhythm patterns, styles and time signatures.

Portable, versatile, and packed with tonal possibilities, the G6 is perfect for guitar players on the move.

The G6 has a mono input, stereo outputs with output volume control, a mono fx loop, aux in, control in and headphone out. Using the USB port, the G6 also functions as a 2in/2out audio interface for Mac and PC.

Zoom G6 Back

With a USB connection, Guitar Lab software allows you to browse and upload/download an endless assortment of amps, effects and artist patches. Guitar Lab is available for both PC and Mac.

Connect the G6 directly to the Handy Guitar Lab app via Bluetooth. Using the optional BTA-1 adaptor wirelessly connect your phone as a secondary interface for your G6. Handy Guitar Lab is available for iOS.

Here's what comes included with the G6:

  • G6 Multi-Effects Processor
  • Zoom AD-16 AC adapter
  • Quick guide
  • Steinberg Cubase LE

Optional G6 accessories

  • FP02M expression pedal
  • BTA-1 Bluetooth Adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum number of simultaneous Effects: 7 effects
  • User patches: 240
  • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • A/D conversion: 24-bit 128x oversampilng
  • D/A conversion: 24-bit 128x oversampilng
  • Signal processing: 32-bit
  • Frequency characteristics: 20Hz - 20 kHz(+0.5dB/- 0.5dB) (10k0 load)
  • Display: 4.3" TFT col or LCD (480x272)


    - Standard mono phone jack Rated input level:- 20dBu Input impedance(line):500 kO
    - Standard mono phone jack Rated input level:- 20dBu Input impedance(line):1 MO
    - Stereo mini jack Rated input level:-1O dBu
    - Input impedance(line):1o kO
    - Outputs
    - Standard mono phone jack
    - Maximum output level: +11.4 dBu(when output impedance 1O kOor higher)
    - Standard sterero phone jack
    - Maximum output level: +11.4 dBu(when output impedance 1O kOor higher)
    - Headphones 24mW+24mW (at 320 load)
  • SEND
    - Standard stereo phone jack
    - Maximum output level: +11.4 dBu(when output impedance 1O kOor higher)
  • lnputS/N: 123 dB
  • Noisefloor (residual noise)
    - UR: - 99.3 dBu
    - SEND - 99.0dBu

Control input: FP02M input

  • Power: AC adapter (9V DC 500mA, center negative) (Zoom AD-16)
  • USB
    - Port: USB 2.0 Micro-8/Supported cable type:Micro-8 Guitar Lab: USB 1.1Full Speed.
    - Audio interface: USB 2.0 Full Speed, 44.1kHz/32-bit, 2 in.2 out
    - Use a USB cable that supports data transfer. USB bus power is not supported.
  • SD card
    - Standards: Cards that support SD/SDHC/ SDXC (Class 10or higher)
    - LOOPER: 44.1kHZ/1o-bit stereo WAV
    - IR: 44.1- 192kHz, 16/24/32-bit WAV
    - ZOOM BTA-1 or other dedicated wireless adapter
  • External dimensions: 228 mm (D) x 418 mm(W) x 65mm (H)
  • Weight: 1.94 kg