Mackie ShowBox

Mackie Showbox front

Mackie, a company with expertise in professional live sound and recording products, announces Mackie ShowBox, a game-changing development for gigging musicians and buskers. ShowBox is a battery-powered all-in-one performance rig that makes it easy to get great live sound anywhere. With ShowBox, musicians have a portable PA, acoustic guitar amp, 6-channel mixer, effects rack and USB-C interface, all in a single device you can carry in one trip from the car.

Mackie ShowBox delivers up to 12 hours of powerful live sound made possible by a 400W amp, custom drivers and the included battery. With six input channels for mics and instruments, ShowBox empowers singer/songwriters and small bands to set up and sound fantastic with minimal effort. Just hook everything up to ShowBox and show them what you’ve got.

Of course, ShowBox is more than a “set it and forget it” speaker - it’s a truly interactive live performance rig, thanks to the innovative breakaway mix controller. Connecting to ShowBox through the included (lengthy) Ethernet cable, the mix controller mounts directly to a mic stand and gives musicians total control over levels for mics and instruments as well as ShowBox’s built-in effects, tone shaping, user snapshots, looper, tuner and recording controls.

Mackie Showbox controller

ShowBox replaces amps and PA systems in equal measure thanks to switchable “amp” and “PA” voicing modes, plus settings for indoor and outdoor performance. It’s also a sound-shaping powerhouse, featuring two layers of dynamic effects for vocals and instruments, including essential guitar effects like fuzz, overdrive, tube amp, acoustic amp and tremolo, plus a variety of other modulation and reverb effects. And with the separate FX loop for pedals, guitarists don’t have to part with their carefully curated pedalboard. There’s even 3-band parametric EQ and single-knob compression on each channel, all in the box.

Mackie designed ShowBox to meet all the needs of today’s live performers, and that means expanding the connectivity to go beyond in-person performance. ShowBox connects the musician with their audience wherever they are via a built-in USB-C audio interface for streaming online or recording. ShowBox can also record straight to an SD card, and Bluetooth allows for streaming backing tracks and fill-in music between sets.

Mackie ShowBox Bag All Gear

ShowBox combines all the tools for great performances and livestreams into one system that’s easy to manage and carry in one trip - it even fits inside a custom backpack (sold separately), so performers can literally put the show on their back. It’s gigging, solved. Availability beginning in the first quarter of 2024.