Ferncast launches new e-shop

Ferncast, developer of innovative audio transmission software solutions for professional live audio applications, announces the launch of their new e-shop. The new online shop provides existing and prospective clients with an easy, intuitive, and user-friendly shopping and checkout experience.

25 products are now available for online sale in various languages: English, German and French. The new e-shop will therefore offer worldwide shipping and a 24/7 live chat support service.

The products are clearly displayed in 7 categories: SIP, STL (Studio Transmitter Link,) OTT, DVB, DAB, Transcoding, AOD (Audio on Demand) and visually identified by colors. Visitors can purchase aixtream software exclusively or select an Audio Codec Server powered by aixtream COMPACT as an all-in-one package. For each product, the visitor is able to choose the number of PIPEs, the number of supported connections, which makes the offer tailored to his needs.

Virginie Danker, Marketing Manager at Ferncast, commented 'As a core software company, we wanted to promote our new product class the Audio Codec Servers and simplify the customer journey. Visitors can now quicky find all information, technical specifications, and pricing and get a product adapted to their needs in a few clicks.'

Detlef Wiese, Ferncast CEO, added 'We have two goals with the Ferncast e-Shop: creating global awareness of our price structure, which is extremely attractive, and giving people a better understanding of the practical use cases of each product. It will create more traffic on our website and more sales worldwide.'

Ferncast e-shop will be regularly updated with new products, bundles, and sales offer.

You can directly access the e-shop here.