DiGiCo announces New Software Update for S-Series Consoles 01.07.2022
CODA Audio Releases System Optimiser v0.6 - Now with realSPL 28.06.2022
Tone2 releases NanoHost v1.2.2 20.06.2022
Shure Wireless Workbench 6 17.06.2022
Bitwig and u-he are announcing CLAP: A New Audio Plug-in Standard 16.06.2022
Listen Releases SoundCheck 20 with Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz 15.06.2022
MARIAN Beast: comprehensive integrated mixing environment in MARIAN audio systems 14.06.2022
MARIAN Beast: umfassende integrierte Mixing-Umgebung der MARIAN Audiosysteme 14.06.2022
Waves Announces Cloud MX Audio Mixer 07.06.2022
Krotos releases its platform Krotos Studio for sound design 03.06.2022
Solid State Logic Adds Software from Key Industry Brands to its Renowned SSL Production Pack 23.05.2022
Genelec GLM 4.2 and 9301B take immersive monitoring systems to the next level 18.05.2022
JBL stellt die aktive, netzwerkfähige Line-Array-Serie SRX900 vor 13.05.2022
dBTechnologies shows new products at Demo Day in Kerkrade on 10 May 2022 03.05.2022
dBTechnologies zeigt neue Produkte bei Demo Day in Kerkrade am 10. Mai 2022 03.05.2022
Lynx veröffentlicht Aurora(n) Firmware 1.25 und NControl 1.0.6 03.05.2022
Vienna Symphonic Library - iLok und Vienna Assistent 22.04.2022
Lawo kündigt Software-Upgrade für Radio-Produkte an 14.04.2022
Software Upgrade Announced For Lawo Radio Products 14.04.2022
Steinberg SpectraLayers 8 01.03.2022
APG unveils feature-packed Live Manager 1.8.9 update 28.02.2022
Equipson Launch Acoustic Simulator 28.02.2022
Mojave Audio Partners with Audio Test Kitchen to Launch Mojave ATK Player 03.02.2022
Broadcast Partners SmartRadio wird mit Multi-Channel-Cloud-Services von 2wcom erweitert 13.01.2022
Broadcast Partners adds 2wcom’s Multi-Channel Cloud capability to SmartRadio 13.01.2022
Steinberg Dorico 4: Supercharged Music Notation 12.01.2022
Steinberg Dorico 4: Notation in Perfektion 12.01.2022
Prism Sound Launches The Ultimate Collection 06.01.2022
SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 4 06.12.2021
Riedel Continues Growth Path and Expands Leadership Structure 02.12.2021
Audio Precision APx Software Release 7.0 Now Available 30.11.2021
Neue Version von Lectrosonics Wireless-Designer-Software 30.11.2021
RF Venue introduces its free wireless Performance Calculator 23.11.2021
Riedel’s Newly Expanded Vienna R&D Hub Drives Innovation in IP-Enabled Solutions 11.11.2021
Riedels erweiterter R&D Hub in Wien treibt Innovation bei IP-Lösungen voran 11.11.2021
CODA Audio präsentierte auf Tonmeistertagung SPACE 10.11.2021
Neue Studiengänge am SAE Institute: Event und Software Engineering 08.11.2021
It's on - Audio Developer Conference 2021 05.11.2021
Steinberg WaveLab Pro 11 02.11.2021
iZotope Releases RX 9 and RX Post Production Suite 6 14.10.2021
Martin Audio Updates VU-NET Support for TORUS and Introduces Q-SYS Control for iKON Amplifiers 04.10.2021
Classic 105 Chooses Lawo crystalCLEAR to Mix Kenya’s Biggest Voices 23.09.2021
Classic 105 wählt Lawo crystalCLEAR für die größten Stimmen Kenias 23.09.2021
Amate Audio introduces the TPD3K 2.1 processing amplifier 21.09.2021
HARVEY Pro bietet jetzt eigene Acoustic Echo Cancellation 09.09.2021
SSL's System T New Tempest Engines Offer Scalable and Agile Signal Processing Capacity 26.08.2021
Fluid Audio Announce the Focus Headphone Playback and Mixing System 20.08.2021
BossFM in Nigeria Goes Virtual mit Lawo RƎLAY 29.07.2021
2wcom’s MoIN Software is linking studio, distribution and streaming 05.07.2021
2wcoms MoIN Software verbindet Studios, Distribution und Streaming 05.07.2021