sE Electronics DM BLACK SERIES

sE DM BK Familyportrait

sE Electronics introduces the DM BLACK SERIES Inline Preamps and DI “Box”. Designed with a sleek and discreet matte-black finish that exudes sophistication, the DM BLACK SERIES deliver the same explosive, colorless sound of the DM1 DYNAMITE, DM2 TNT, and DM3 you are used to but with an added touch of elegance.

sE DM BK rear

Enjoy 15dB to 30dB of extra gain for both passive and dynamic microphones and an Ultra-HiZ direct “box” input for up to 10 megaohms of input impedance – all at your fingertips. Housed in an all-metal aesthetic, the DM BLACK SERIES now boast an unobtrusive all-black finish that is sure to keep you in the spotlight. The DM BLACK SERIES represent the pinnacle of hard work and true craftsmanship in pro audio and look as good as they sound.