2wcom’s Tech Update for the most versatile A30 Monitoring Receiver


Since launch in 2016, the versatile monitoring receiver is equipped with a wide range of highly user-oriented monitoring functions, which enables operators to monitor single or multiple transmitter frequencies. Right from the beginning, the A30 has offered a number of interfaces including analog or digital audio input, MPX input, two analog or digital audio MPX outputs, GPIs, SNMP and two parallel MP3 streams.

Meanwhile, 2wcom added some further very useful features, such as the DAB+ module, the enhanced MPX measurement option and the usage as a backup rebroadcast receiver or as a RDS data-bridge. For this purpose, UECP commands are sent to an RDS encoder via UDP (IP). Additionally, listening to the audio is possible by an integrated MP3 player what makes an installation of an external software superfluous for this purpose.

Monitoring parameters in general

The two integrated FM tuners now provide comprehensive functions for decoding and monitoring the main FM-RDS parameters of a station, such as RF level, SNR, pilot deviation, signal, MPX power and deviation, RDS parameters (RDS deviation, PI, PS, PTY, RT, TA, TMC...). Featuring additional power and flexibility, the tuners are capable of independent operation to monitor two different FM stations continuously or to control one station all the time.

FM Monitoring

In addition, the second tuner implies the function scan-mode (Round Robin) to monitor up to 30 frequencies. The configuration of all FM/RDS parameters and the sequences of the monitored stations can be handled individually via web interface. In case a value does not comply with the pre-settings, an alarm is forwarded via SNMP, Email or relay. All alarm activities are stored in a separate archive with time stamp, type of alert and the equivalent frequency.

Learn more about the enhanced MPX Measurements

Erweiterte MPX Messung

Due to the stringent regulatory requirements for MPX distribution, the A30 provides precise measurement parameters for MPX signal peak deviation and power, which detect defaults from permitted values and trigger an alarm. Settings are configurable for following MPX parameters:

  • Cumulative MPX signal peak: The frequencies of the measured momentary signal peaks are displayed and in addition the threshold excess in percent and duration.
  • MPX Deviation: Evaluates every second the maximum signal peak within a time period of one second. The “Max Deviation:” field displays the maximal value of the MPX deviation measured over the configured time interval. The measured values can be written in an archive and reloaded later via web interface.
  • MPX Power: Determine MPX performance in a 60-second sliding interval. This value is re-determined every second.

The A30 now offers a DAB+ modul

DABplus Monitoring

This new feature enables operators to monitor DAB+ signal parameters such as RF level, FIC quality, audio level and the slightshow (SLS – displaying all included categories). The integrated band scan simplifies the setup for DAB+ monitoring by automatically detecting for which frequencies a MUX signal is available.

The A30 can monitor the MPX signal fed via SAT or IP. In case of failure (e.g. loss of RDS or audio), the system automatically switches to one of the FM tuners as a backup source and replaces the faulty MPX signal. If the problem does no longer occur, the A30 automatically switches back to the external source.

“The expanded features of 2wcom’s further developed A30 like the DAB+ module and MPX measurement options are reflecting feedbacks of our international customers as well as our company’s philosophy to heighten the level of development in the broadcasting technology depending on market requirements step by step,” said Werner Drews, managing director of 2wcom.

All in all, the A30 is a very efficient and reliable FM-RDS monitoring system that is available around the clock, 365 days a year.